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I got into Aliens mates a little late. I've been pretty fortunate to find a big chunk of the series for essentially MSRP still, but there are a few releases that have eluded me.

1) I'm not too excited about paying $130 for a counter box (singles)

2) The TRU Series 1 releases are very hard to find as a set on e.g. eBay.

Any tips or alternate sites to check?

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The 3 human figures in the 'singles' are unique.....not sold in any other format . 

The 3 Aliens figures in the 'singles' were all re-released in TRU Series 1 .

The TRU Series 1 assortment is interesting .......... the 'Screaming alien' is the only Minimate that is unique & the stickered Exclusive set contains 2 non-exclusive Minimates .......but the oddest thing about TRU Series 1 is that the character 'Bill Hudson' is a 'corporal'  yet in the LCS Series 2 the same Minimate gets demoted to 'private' :huh:.

I'm not a big Minimate Aliens fan but I know there are many here that will tell you whether the Screaming Alien is worth the effort unless you're a completist ?

So you're left with the necessity of finding the 3 'dump humans' & the 'Screaming Alien' (if you are really keen)!

PM me  

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I spent last night reorganizing my Alien Minimates archive.


I can't believe how many crew members we got from the first flick. The darker Dallas spacesuit went to Parker. Now I need to make a couple more for Ash and Brett. Those suits are wonderful.


DST really needs to think about offering up an in-house sci-fi line. I know they've got a full plate as it is but that could be fun.

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On 21/02/2018 at 1:53 PM, MisterPL said:

All those drop ships were a huge hit.



I was disappointed not to see any new Alien stuff at NYTF too. But there's still hope according to this:

Latest AskDST:


Chris P.
The latest TRU series of Predator Minimates has been hitting shelves and the new Predators look AMAZING in person. Are there plans to release any Alien Minimates in this same Kenner inspired style, Xenos or humans?
Also on the subject of Aliens Minimates, any news for those of us desperately needing Ferro and a “clean” Bishop to fill out our USCM ranks? Either with or without the Dropship?
And the same question on the rest of the “Lost Tribe” from Predator 2? We’re just 2 Predators short of finishing that group as well.
What is the possibility of seeing some Dark Horse Comics inspired figures in either of these lines? Are the AvP titled comics (not related to the films) included in your license? If so Machiko would make a very cool Minimate…
Finally, is the next series in the Predator line still “The Predator”? Or will we see something before to tide us over until then?

DSTChuck: We have talked about some Kenner inspired Aliens, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. I think as of recently we were still hoping to be able to find a way to do a drop ship. For Predator we’d love nothing more than to keep going, the sales for the line are slowing, but we’ll see what we can do. There has been a delay in the release date for the new movie, but I still think that will be next.


I submitted a similar question myself the other day. Here's hoping for something on Alien day. :D

It'd be a great shame to come so close to completing the line only to faulter at the last two characters. (Already done Bishop I know, but clean).

Of course, I'd still dream of seeing a Queen with egg sack. A hive diorama. Coocooned victims. Scuttling facehuggers. A Sulaco.



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I still dream of a carrying case shaped like the Sulaco.



Okay, maybe not exactly. Maybe more in the shape of an ammo box with the Sulaco logo stamped on it. Or a rations crate from Hadley's Hope.

I just want a dropship or three with Remote Pilot Bishop and Ferro.

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