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  1. Pretty sure they're saying its from when he was in the future with baby Hope Summers. Fingers crossed for a "Hope-Summers-in-a-baby-carrier" accessory like the MU version, I suppose. Personally, I was expecting something like God Doom, Maximus, Wasp, Spider-Woman and the like, so I'll be dissapointed if the DP wave is 65, but I still like it. It could've been a much better DP wave as well, but, as it stands, a Siryn and Modern Domino make this a "win" in my book. I could've done without Mascot-Pool, Normal-Pool and Hero-Pool, but meh, it's a colourful wave featuring B & C listers. Honestly with the core "Secret Wars" series extending to a ninth issue in January, DST might still have plenty of time to schedule another Secret Wars wave for 67, assuming wave 66 is an "All New All Different Marvel NOW!" wave. This time though it should probably feature the core series' main characters like the ones you enumerated. I'm not a particularly big fan of the X-men having never read their comics but to this day my collection still lacks a Cable and a Domino so this wave fills some holes in my collection. Zenpool would've been a much better figure in the AXIS wave, replacing either Kluh or Sabretooth, but better never late than never. I have plenty of normal Deadpools though, and made my own Hydra Bob with the Cap Wave army builder. Don't know who this "Siryn" is but hey people seem to be glad we're getting her so cheers to that.
  3. Not unhappy, I just find the character questionable is all. All the 'mates look wonderful and definitely look worth purchasing, I (and few others) just had different expectations. The line doesn't revolve a single collector and as previously stated you can't expect to please everybody. I am definitely getting this set, whenever the Philippines gets it. A second wave or a box set would be nice though. Hehe.
  4. Well, not really. Let me put it like this:You have the main Secret Wars book, where the major characters are The Cabal, Doom and The Illuminati. So, since this is "the" SW book, these are the major characters of the story. For example, everyone had a tie-in during Dark Reign, but Osborn's Avdngers were the main characters. Then you have the Secret Wars "tie-in" books, like A-Force, Future Imperfect, Old Man Logan, etc. Dazzler, Carol and NuThor being from A-Force, OML from well, OML and Maestro from FI. Lastly, you have a couple of ongoing books like Howard who do not take place during SW, but in the 616. Meaning that they're just "regular" books and not SW related. All I'm saying is, that if these figs are all we'll get from an event such as Secret Wars, I'll be kinda dissapoi red in the character selection. I mean, you have so many major players and you go for the "supporting characters" (Carol and NuThor were on the raft but they're not "big" players). Either way I'm still excited, I'd just like to see some strictly SW characters in a SW wave. Different stroke for different folks... ^ This. Hellpop gets it again. This. As a person who's only reading the core book (flat-out broke) only, I expected a Secret Wars wave to have people from the Secret Wars book. Let's see, Maestro was a member of Doom's Court and he had about two lines of dialogue. NuThor and Capt. Marvel were both survivors on the 616-raft. Besides them? Nothing. This is an excellent wave no doubt about that, all welcome additions to anyone's collection (I'm picking up the entire wave since I still don't have an Ultron) but it feels more like a detached Secret Wars wave, more Secret Wars-esqe than actually being a Secret Wars wave. Obviously some of the tie-ins to SW are more important than others but the character selection for this wave, albeit stellar, isn't what you'd expect. Still though, what company other than DST, would be ballsy enough to think that Howard the Duck could carry a two-pack? And while other companies are announcing Spider-Gwen figures, DST is beating them to the punch since they already have one in the works!
  5. ...What Doom is a major player because he is a major player, as is Sue and Reed and Valeria in SW, Thing and Torch have already been confirmed to have places in ANAD Undeadpool, you gotta admit there's something going on. The ANAD Marvel reboot doesn't have a title for the Fantastic Four as the Fantasic Four. No a hint of the Richards family or their most prominent villain: no Reed, no Sue, no Valeria, no Franklin and no Doctor Doom (unless of course, he doesn't survive SW). The only F4 members present in the reboot are Johny and Ben, and they are on different teams entirely! Marvel has even stopped companies from making F4 toys entirely. Something smells fishy is all. Reed is at the center of Secret Wars but I won't be surprised if both he and Doom are gonna get shelved for awhile when All New Marvel kicks off. If anything Secret Wars seems like Hickman giving them both a big sendoff. That actually makes a lot of sense.
  6. This. Too bad that's a double negative, two versions of a Fanatastic Four member? Yeah, Marvel wants none of that. Shame we couldn't have gotten a God Doom, his costume resembles his Future Foundation look. Him packed with...I dunno Sheriff Strange, Valeria or a Black Swan? Seriously, Secret Wars deserves a second wave, there are just so many possibilities! The Cabal, Doom's Court, and the more unique members of the Thor Corps would be awesome in Minimate form! Also, when are the LCS and TRU versions of the waves coming out?
  7. Welcome to Jonathan Hickman's writing style. Population: vague. pretty sure you guys are reading a different comic then honestly I feel really discouraged by the Marvel threads on this forum , seems everyone is so afraid of new ideas that they cant even give them a chance I hope that works well for you, the best of luck to ya Marvel will still be here and thriving when you choose to get on board A friend of mine's first comic purchase was Secret Wars #1-3. Other than some confusion about the first issue, he actually understands a lot of it. He plans to pick up a title regularly post-Secret Wars. For anyone who's still confused, ComicIsland did a great on the lead up to it.If you think Secret Wars is confusing, try reading DC's Convergence.
  8. suicidewatch, put that Secret Wars explanation in spoiler caps! As a new reader, this all seems intriguing. As a new reader on a teenager's budget, the most I'll be able to get is one title. For years, I have loved the character of Doctor Strange, despite me never reading a single comic of his. This reboot is giving me a chance to read about a character I like and I'll take that chance. Nothing really speaks to me, a lot of the cover art ranges from okay to Liefeldian (except Squadron Supreme). I'll be picking up Doctor Strange, the new concept with weapons seems interesting (concept art also shows the good doctor is wearing sneakers now). I'd really like to read anything Spider Gwen, too.
  9. How much do most comic book singles retail in America? I feel like missing out on some great introductions to comics, but I really can't justify some of the prices I'm seeing here in the Philippines. This all looks rather exciting to a new reader, but I just feel like I may be getting cheated with just how expensive these things are.
  10. He's my #2. Any of the Doctor Strange Minimates. While the first was iconic, the second gave us some great accessories.
  11. This premiered in the Philippines a few days ago...
  12. *sigh* Just another line of Minimates the Philippines is going to miss out on...
  13. I also miss Sony's the Spectacular Spiderman series...anyone remember that one? I wonder if Marvel's collaborating with Sony for a new Spiderman cartoon (y'know despite Marvel already having the animation rights to Spidey), it'd show some unity between the two companies even before the 2017 Spidey movie.
  14. I did this as a project for Math class, we were on Geometry that quarter. Fun, but I needed better materials.
  15. I thought so, too -- as I had already placed an order on Fri morn. But it's not. Apparently someone made a mistake by checking the "in stock" box (they're looking into the issue) -- just got off the phone with a CS rep since my whole order was cancelled. And they are not getting anymore. Was totally irate, too. Interestingly enough (not), my cancellation email stated that I had ordered too many (just one) of each & that was the reason for said cancellation. Go figure. Figures. TRU allows a single individual to buy all their Wolvie and Sentinel packs, claims there's a restock and it turns out the restock was a friggin mistake because of human error.
  16. Not sure if anyone has asked this yet but is DST only allowed to make 'Mates of Kirkman's comic books or can they also do Minimates based on the Telltale games series? Because the games open up a lot of possibilities for future Minimates series.
  17. I can check "Strange Tales" off my Wants list now... P.S. I'd like to thank youbastards, Lurch77 and nate_studio for responding to my messages about putting images in thumbnails. They gave me excellent instructions but for some reason the attachment method and the photobucket method just don't work for me. I gave up so I'm just going to post these in their display size.
  18. Marvel has had the difficult task of both catering to the old fans and attracting new fans for years. After their success with the movies, I think they realized they couldn't do both well enough so they decided to focus on just one audience: the new fans. Marvel is innovating and constantly writing up new #1's and it's working for them. I'm a little concerned about this Secret Wars business...the merging of the 616 and the Ultimates universes sounds like a more confusing Marvel equivalent of the New 52. I don't see why they'd find that concept appealing and why they'd try to mimic it. I don't think this event is going to wipe out the entirety of Marvel Comics' history so how this will be considered "a fresh start" is beyond me. We'll see what this all comes down to on May 2.
  19. Welcome to your second home! You should probably fill up the new and improved MMMV Demographic survey. For general Minimates pics go here, for your latest acquisitions, and you should check out the updated photo index for other major Minimate photo threads. Ta ta for now! See you around!
  20. Yeah...Minimates are only sold in US TRU's. There's a big demand for them to be sold in UK TRU's as well but it can't seem to justify the added cost.
  21. Maybe they need more hands on deck for reviews? Perhaps i'll get in touch with them. I always thought reviewing minimates would be fun. According to their FAQ, the selection process requires you interview toys somewhere else. Do it well enough, email 'em and you might just get lucky. Or you could just post some reviews on their forum. I don't think they're desperate for reviewers but they need to catch up anyway and the Marvel line's a train that won't stop chugging anytime soon.
  22. I was a bit of an anime buff a while back but I have heard about AoT's popularity. It's no wonder the Japanese decided to make this their own movie after the stupid Dragon Ball: Evolution flick, Shaymalan's even more idiotic Avatar adaption and the financial flop that was Edge of Tomorrow. Hopefully Japan has had enough of Hollywood for a while...
  23. Hope it doesn't stay that way...although it most probably will... What's the difference?
  24. They've stopped their coverage of Minimate waves at Wave 49 and TRU 16 (?). Since then it's been mostly just the boxed sets. Less reviews. Less complaining. Seems a bit of a shame that their reviews didn't at least reach Wave 50, I would've felt like that would've been a great stopping point if they wanted to stop reviewing Marvel Minimates. Haha!
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