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  1. Those are pretty cool @Nessex Do you have some of the original ones? Is it a cool game? Do they look neat next to Minimates?
  2. I follow some of the daily t-shirt sites and this one showed up today. Thought I would share with all the classic tmnt love:
  3. Sadly not! 😂 I have been sewing lately.
  4. I would be down with packing similar to the new tmnt offerings for future packs. Do zord packaging featuring the corresponding ranger, two putty or other grunt, a villain, and an alternate look: t-Rex zord - Red Ranger, 2 putty, Rita, movie ninja robe red ranger triceratops zord - Blue Ranger, Goldar, 2 super putty, ninja robe blue ranger sabertooth zord - yellow ranger, Scorpina, 2 putty, robe yellow ranger pterodactyl zord - pink ranger, Ivan Ooze, 2 tanga warriors, robe pink ranger mastodon zord - black ranger, zedd, 2 super putty, robe black ranger falcon zord - white ranger, pudgy pig, bulk and Skull, white robe ranger
  5. If so, I would take a case! That would be amazing
  6. I hope he comes with a Brad Pitt alternate face too!
  7. That is amazing! What size printer bed to you have? Or are the parts printed individually and assembled? I would love to print the 3-man ship, if you were so kind to share the design
  8. So many good customs. Great job to all the participants!
  9. Submitted my entry. Hopefully the posed shot is acceptable. I have individual shots as well
  10. what? I can’t see pictures… 😢 😁
  11. They are obviously smaller in size, but the protective cases for the 3.75 inch Star Wars characters *should* work. If that is what you are asking about.
  12. Hmmm. Maybe I will need to actually put my custom idea(s) into an actual Minimate!
  13. I love the look of Riri's armors. If we got the old-school variant wave offerings, I would love: Riri mk1/Dora Milaje Riri mk2/Dora Milaje BP Shuri/Namora Namor/Attuma
  14. @luke314pi Did I miss the order window? Or did you get busy?
  15. Those are some great shots. I didn't really think mine had a chance. Will all the entries be posted eventually?
  16. If it's random, I would like a promo, please. Thank you for your generosity!
  17. Free shipping you say? Are you a radical @Padrino? Or is it a promotion that I missed?
  18. We already have Cap from a TRU wave, so finish the team: OR
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