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  1. Sadly my stores are empty got all anyway lol
  2. I really hope this is not a limited line I want more
  3. Interesting so far cant wait to have them in hand
  4. Ohhhhhhhh I would love to see Ant Man minimates lol
  5. Man I need to mod my minimates now these look cool
  6. lol if you are referring to marvel universe, then they do pick some great chars. The only sad thing is that they usually sell a ton of the first two waves and never enough of the rest.
  7. I, personally, think they might make all the muppets the same size
  8. lol sometimes I wonder how minimates can do a line such justice and Hasbro does the opposite
  9. Man... I wish there was a black widow one that came with a zucchini lol
  10. The movie played very well with her being pregnant lol I couldn't tell at all!
  11. My case:Bradford Raph x2 Splinter x2 Mikey x2 Donnie x2 Karai x2 Leo x2 Casey x2 Norman x3 I can confirm this case layout as mine was identical. I may have missed it in the control art but the unmasked Leo head under the pizza mask was a pleasant surprise. I've only opened up one of each and just checked for physical defects, but from what I've seen so far this is another solid series. The plethora of accessories with the Turtles makes buying them again (twice as I bought a case) a little easier. Still wish there was more of a difference in the Turtles themselves from the first series but I get why they were done this way. For someone who may have missed the first series these are a great way to get the Turtles in their current looks. Now... do I need more Normans or am I good with 3? Thanks guys! I think I will buy a case now
  12. lol I feel your pain. The exclusives can be ridiculous to find unless you live in a major city. I lucked out that I am right next to New Orleans.
  13. Ugh. Looks like this is going to be a ridiculous hunt besides ebay gouging. I hope my TRU gets them...
  14. Even with the odd quality controls, I still want a set lol these new ones look awesome
  15. Any idea how long that company has the license for? I assume its for 5 years minimum.
  16. lol so what is up with that? Is it DC that pulled the rights?
  17. lol hunting these things are ridiculous. I blame tru for never restocking. I am going to wait until they buy them in bulk apparently.
  18. This entire thread makes me wish they did a Injustice line for minimates lol
  19. I guess we are playing the whole "wait a month for TRU to catch on" game.
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