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I want Star War Minimates!

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Most Star Wars kubricks bear no resemblance to the basic kubrick-form & I believe 'Lucas willing' we are probably closer to getting Star Wars Minimates than ever before. Ghostbusters have strayed furthest(farthest?) away from the standard Minimate-form to date but the new Battle Beast line is going to take us into completely new territory . Virtually everthing I've seen of Battle Beasts suggests that each 'Beast' will need far more than a paint head sculpts ,tails ....& all sorts of stuff that Luke(our Luke not Skywalker) would be better at explaining. The more I think about it the more I get the feeling that this new BB territory may well be a 'proving ground' for a prospective Star Wars series.......if the licence was available.

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I was watching ANH last night, and now I REALLY want Star Wars 'mates! Particularily, I want all the aliens from the cantina. There are so many classic aliens there, you could easily do two whole waves and a boxset just from that scene:

Ponda Boba/Dr. Evazan

Trint Duaba/Momaw Nadon


Labria/Nabrum Leids

Takeel/Hem Dazon

Pons Limbic/Bom Vindim

Lak Sivrak/Dice Ebegon

Feltipern Trevagg/M'iiyoom Onith


Elis Helrot/Ellors Madak

Figrin D'an

Nalan Cheel

Tedn Dahai

Doikk Na'ts

Tech Mo'r

Thank God for Wookiepedia! :P

Throw in the Pascagoula Alien as an easter egg and you've got yourself a series! B):P

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Is it sad that I knew the names of nearly all those guys without having to look them up? Yes, yes it is. :blush: (You forgot Wuher and Garindan!)

SW minimates would be incredibly cool, but doesn't the contract with Hasbro state that no other company can sell just plain SW figures of any kind? Because I remember them getting upset when Lego tried releasing just a few sets of just minifigures.

As it stands, Lego does just fine for me especially since we can then get some nice buildable vehicles.

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I think Lego probably has a firm grip on the Star Wars minfigure/block style license.

Besides, with the advances in detailed minimate pieces and stickers not to mention 3-d printers, I think one could get a line of custom minimates made pretty easily by now

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