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  1. hey guys, As an huge minimate and comic book fan, I thought this was pretty cool and I figure'd I'd share it with you. Sorry if its already been posted. But the new issue of Amazing Spider-Man has a full page ad of minimates (wave 23 and 24) stating they are available at TRU starting Oct 08. Obiviously it is not totally updated, but its cool to see minimate advertisements. SOrry I cannot scan it, I dont have a scanner, but if anyone else would like to that would be great I know the advertisement is in amazing spider-man #580 and amazing spider-girl #27...not sure about anything else tho
  2. I had no idea this thread was here. Now I can talk about my marvel mighty mugg addiction. I just started collecting. I have thing, hulk, spider-man, captain america and wolverine. I also was fortune enough to be one of the lucky ones to order SDCC Iron man when it was in stock of I actually am going on a hunt today for more muggs. I need venom, thing and doctor doom to complete wave 1 & 2. But since I started collecting them places like target, WM and TRU have been completely sold out of just marvel ones. Anyway, I hope I can find wave 3 today too. Oh and I am not a collector of SW or IJ mighty muggs. But I do want to get my hands on Darth Maul cause I love them and I will buy Optimus Prime when he comes out! God, why where these made. If minimates weren't addicting enough...
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know, these are now available to purchase on I bought both Iron Man and Invaders set yesterday. Unfortunately shipping is a killer, but we all know that. And it's better then buying them for the $25 - $30 they are selling on ebay for.
  4. I just don't get it. I have searched the freakin alps for the variant phoenix and cannot find it anywhere! How lucky are you people that you guys walk in and find them for less then 10 bucks. I mean, don't get me wrong, that's awesome. Congrats, but why can't that happen to me. IT IS THE ONLY MINIMATE I NEED TO COMPLETE MY COLLECTION! Well, besides the new SDCC08 packs, but AAAH! I will and need to find this mate and so help me god, I will find it if it is the last thing I do!!!
  5. So I was just on, looking at all the new mates coming out and...BOOM...what do I see? Secret Invasion minimates coming in 4th quarter 2008. If you go to the website and search 'secret invasion minimates', you can see a promo shot the secret invasion comics series. Hopefully we see them soon! Can't wait! PS Sorry if this is old news, I was just excited that I found out.
  6. I have every single marvel minimate except X3 dark phoenix variant. I have been looking everywhere for her and I cannot find her. Every once and a great while when she pops up on ebay she sells for like $50-$60 and I just cant afford that. But otherwise I have every other minimates including variants
  7. -Skrull Elektra -Iron Man -Skrull -Spider-Woman Interesting choices, but i would love it! Of course i would want it to play out like the zombie sets and have 2 2-packs with various other characters also.
  8. God I wish this boxset was in my hands right now!
  9. I am so excited about the new marvel mates and hero with the recent cancellation of DC mates, I was pretty bummed, but this shot the excitement right back into me! I can't wait!
  10. Im pretty siked about these. I can't wait for the iron man movie and i'm always excited about new minimates...but i still wanna see what the hulk mates will look like!!!!!!!!!
  11. I can't even begin to understand this. DCD is just plain stupid. These are easily there best line out there now, IMO and they just take it away from under my feet. I mean, i did not even get a black canary or zatanna or the atom or...oh geez, there are so many still missing, I think i'm gonna be sick well at least i got my flash
  12. I'm siked that these actually came out on the east coast too, I'll have to go to my LCS and get them tomorrow, I absolutely love wave 19, wave 20 is cool too, but 19 is far superior in my opinion
  13. I love this set, I can't wait to see a real picture of them!!
  14. Wow I am so excited. I absolutely love the Iron man mates. I cannot wait to see the hulk mates, those should be awesome!. I really like wave 23, even though i'm not familiar with a few characters. But anyways, any word on a release date or a time when we can expect these??? Thanks
  15. I got the wave last night and I think it's almost near perfect. My mini review Gorilla Grodd: I am loving the two 1/2 inch mates and I think grodd ranks up there as one of the best. I love the design of him and love skull. 9/10 The Flash: He is the minimate I have been waiting for. Flash is my favorite hero of all time and I am in awe at him. I think he's perfect. This may be a little biased but... 10/10 Nightwing: Another fantastic mate, I think he paint colors are perfect, perfect design. 9/10 Starfire: Probably my least fav in the wave, but still a great mate 7/10 Lobo: I think lobo is fantastic. I love the accessory of his chain and his design is amazing... 9/10 Ambush Bug: I pretty excited that ambush bug is in this wave, a little plain but still cool 7/10 Classic Batman: I love this batman! He's fantastic. I love the paint colors and the design they chose for him, but I do wish all of the bat family (batman and batgirl excluding nightwing) should come with a batarang, robin did so no complaints there... 9/10 Clayface: My favorite 2.5 mate yet. He's amazing and clayface has always been a favorite batman villian of mine. 9.5/10 Overwall wave rating 8.6 out of 10 Fantastic Wave! Great job DCD!
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