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tru wave 24


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Sigh... so even though I know we never ever, EVER get stuff at the same time as everyone else, that this area is a strange distribution hole (Can I get an Amen, Lurch?), I went by TRU anyway... they just got the last Pred assortment that you guys have been talking about for weeks.


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14 hours ago, The Scarlet Spider said:

well my TRU won't carry marvel minimates anymore. I hope TRU closes. 

Have you talked to a manager about it? Wishing tru closes is kinda dumb bc without them we wouldn't even be getting these characters (cue some one saying it doesn't matter if you can't find them) 

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7 hours ago, Heinous said:

Have you talked to a manager about it? Wishing tru closes is kinda dumb bc without them we wouldn't even be getting these characters (cue some one saying it doesn't matter if you can't find them) 

I mean that's exactly the point. Yeah I want more minimates released, yeah it's awesome that people are finding them but DST Really just needs to be able to sell to consumers directly. Maybe have their own website for buying waves or something even if it's $10 a two pack as long as people can actually find them without having to pay secondary market prices and give the stores that carry them in brick and mortar a percentage of stuff Sold. Or someone above our paygrade making sure these companies like Walgreens and TRU actually put them online would kinda just alleviate most of these problems...

Is wishing they all closed dumb? Yeah. But so making items do terribly difficult to purchase for people willing to throw money at the product. It's like these companies don't want my money.

As far as talking to a manager....

I talked to the manager and corporate I called corporate to try to order them or get them online. Their systems seem to be a mess as the worker and supervisor I spoke to about online ordering/availability both had trouble even finding the product with the SKU/barcode. They couldn't tell me when I could get them online nor could they order them for me or send them to my store. They said they're not in control of distribution and couldn't give any contact info for distribution as they don't give it out. Their best suggestions were 1. to try ask the manager of my local TRU to order it for me but said the decision to stop having minimates stocked was the store decision. Or 2. Call the store over an hour away and try to buy them over the phone. TRU is a mess and corporate can't even find their stock on their computers. 

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Found these last night. They are all right. I mean, it's not exactly my favorite selection of characters, you know? Collector is probably my favorite of the lot, and as an occasional customizer it's cool to get a new collared cape. Also really like his hairpiece.  Good solid 'mate all around. Thor is fine, and his accessories (Jarnbjorn and Ultimate Mjolnir) are neat. Scarlett Spider and Carrion are nice enough. Still weird to get Carrion before the Jackal. Black Cat and Gwenpool, well,  I almost passed on, but with the price cut I decided to pick them up in case I wanted them later for some reason. Don't like that Black Cat outfit at all, but the figure is fine. Gwenpool is such a blatantly gimmicky character that I can't see anyone even remembering her in five years, but hey, good on DST for striking while the iron is hot. BTW, I don't know if that set is only two to a case, but there were only two of those on the pegs and four of the other sets. Would not surprise me if we have another Spider-Gwen situation on our hands. Yes, I did pick up the second set, and no, I'm sorry, you can't have it because I already promised it to someone else.

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TRU seems to be failing on two fronts. Many consumers aren't as interested in toys and those who are buy them online.


I can easily see half of TRU's stores closing but they're going to have to up their online game considerably if they want to survive. They should use their online presence to sell product and ship it to their remaining brick & mortar stores at a discount if not for free. Exclusives should be available online and in ALL stores, especially since they're meant to drive foot traffic. Beyond that it's a matter of finding out what current consumers are most interested in (electronics, furniture, apparel, whatever) and tying that into the TRU experience.


They should also consider changing their mascot to a tiger.

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1 hour ago, bigvis497 said:

Is there a different number we could use besides UPC (and not SKU)? I called two TRUs and they couldn't use those numbers. I think there's a separate item number on the receipt IIRC?

I think it's a matter of no TRU knowing what the heck they're doing and not even knowing their own product. I called corporate and they couldn't even look these up. 

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Nine  years ago TRU gave us  our first  minimate wave , it was my first 'wobble' regards  collecting minimates. Could I get them? Could I hang in ?

It's been bloody hard work.  Thank you to all the members here that have helped me hang in. Truly...thank you. 

It should have been easier to collect the most beautiful  Marvel minimates that were ever produced.......they were ...they are...the most beautiful Marvel minimates ever produced .....IMHO but  I'm ready for any argument:rolleyes:

It was not easy.

Thank you ToysRUs. A sincere "thank you" :thumbsup:


On the other hand ( olde english idiom) was little more than a f**king joke ...a bad expensive [for me]  joke......pathetic .


The best I hope for is that a substantial organisation like Walgreens learn from (esp.) which is ....not much .

 I can only describe as ................I can't think of the 'word'.......:woot:.....yes I can...two words .....f**king rubbish.   Nine never got better ,it got worse.


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