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  1. Greatest hits/Best of Thor and FA (TRU Wave 12) Thor are my two favorite basic Thor figures. Wave 64 lady Thor isn't Thor Thor, but it is a damn fine minimate. I'm also a fan of unworthy Thor. He's not a standard Thor, but he has a cool, unique look.
  2. So will it just be the same crappy Macy's toy selection just now branded as TRU? I feel like a lot of people probably got paid a lot of money to make what is clearly a great choice here. I mean, they tried pop-up stores in malls and that didn't work, so the obvious next step is to make a store in a store that's in a mall. Matroyshka's R Us.
  3. So Diamond Distributors just lost Marvel. I realize that isn't DST, but it is a massive hit for the Geppi group. Who knows what, if any, effect this will have on minimates long term.
  4. Merry Late-December Holiday to all! I explained Festivus to my (just recently turned) 11-year-old and asked him if he wanted to celebrate. He said no. So there's my first grievance to be aired. Anyway, this remains the most civilized group of collectors on the planet. I sincerely hope that this season you all are able to project the same awesomeness that you project here. The world needs more of the MMMV spirit.
  5. I saw Falcon and Winter Soldier 'mates at a Walgreens this weekend. They are some slick looking minimates, but I had to pass.
  6. A true thing of beauty. I have it displayed with the Lander, the ISS and the Women of NASA set. Awesome stuff. The First is a TV series I think you might enjoy, CmdrShep. It's far from perfect, but it's a real world show set in the near future about preparations for the first trip to Mars. I enjoyed it. I also recommend the book series the Lady Astronaut. It is an alternate history/speculative fiction piece that is based in real world science. The supposition is that a massive meteor hits near DC in the 1950s, decimating the eastern seaboard and seriously altering humanity's need to reach the stars. It focuses, as the name implies, on the women who fight to join the space race. So it's kind of a history lesson while also turning it on its head. Really enjoyable audio books. Oh, also, if you haven't already done so, consume The Martian- watch it, read it, audio book it. It's great. Commander Hadfield reviewed the film and said the only thing not right is that Martian sandstorms would be less severe. The attention to detail is otherwise amazing. Unlike, say, Gravity, which is a beautiful film, but a pretty shoddy hard-science experience.
  7. Yeah, I ran across a Legends Cap the other day. Seeing it in toy form didn't make the design any better. Thing is, these designs, while I think they are overall on the crappy side, might benefit from the Minimate treatment. The minimalism of minimates might tone down some of the details. I dunno. A Gamestop boxset would probably be pretty cool.
  8. Turtle

    wave 79

    I think it IS cool that Gladiator is in the next X-Men wave. I forgot to mention that. Pretty good timing.
  9. Turtle

    wave 79

    I haven't read any of Cates' run on GotG, but on some covers Gamora is wearing this costume. I still think this is a kind of weird, deeply unsatisfying wave, but, man, Ghost Rider looks like a damn cool minimate. It's a cool design well executed, and I always love that, even if I have no particular attachment to the source.
  10. I just saw the Legolas and Gimli figures. Whoa boy, am I excited! My six year old is thrilled too! He loves all of my tobiz figures, but he's been jonesing for his LotR action figure to open. Looks like he's getting a wish.
  11. That Red Guardian is beautiful! I've definitely got to pick these up.
  12. I agree 100%. Everything from the character choices to the character designs is pretty perfect. I think wave 80 is a better showing off the beauty of vanilla and near-vanilla minimates, but this wave shows what a themed, sculpt-heavy and sculpt-specific wave can do. And it does hearken back to older waves in all the right way.
  13. Beautiful wave. I'm definitely on board for all of these.
  14. Has there been a trend to move to 3 sets? Am I imagining that? I dunno, but I feel like we'll end up with Widow/Taskmaster, Widow/Red Guardian, Widow/Yelena
  15. Teamwork makes the dream work. I really thought that at least one Expendable would be wearing a black tank top, but no dice.
  16. Mark I Iron Man? SWAT Sarah Connor may lack enough details to work
  17. Gotta take a minute to reiterate how much I appreciate Zach helping to make sure folks like myself ultimately get complete sets.
  18. That seems like it would be a pretty solid boxset. But add black suit Natasha and Iron Maiden and two generic bad guy soldiers, and you've got a wave.
  19. PM sent. I can't express how fortunate we are to have Zach as an active member here. Thanks so much for being awesome!
  20. Nothing. Very disappointing that DST doesn't care enough.
  21. Did you ever hear anything back? I still haven't heard anything.
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