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  1. WOW! My collection was featured as fan of the month! 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 😄😄 That makes me happy!!
  2. Thanks you guys!! That means a lot to me! In the video, you can see that there is some space there for growth. Right now, I am just about out of that room already. The shelves are 4x3 ft. 33-35 Minimates can fit in a single row. Each shelf has two rows so that's 66-70 Minimates per single shelf. There are 7 shelves per display. So that's 462-490 Minimates per display. When i was doing these calculations when to start building the displays, i tried to calculate room for growth and apparently i under-calculated. And @buttheadsmate you should open and display some of those. IMO the col
  3. Thanks @buttheadsmate !! That is such a nice compliment to hear. I am so glad the Minimates community like what i have done with my collection. I am so happy about it. I will be posting another video some time in the next few weeks to show how the collection has grown. I am realizing i should have built 4 Minimates shelves instead of just the 3. I am running out of room lol
  4. LOL @DSTZach In my mind, it makes the box set more valuable to me. Another signature i would really like to get is Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker on the Invincible box set. Thanks @Shanester I want to upgrade the display shelves further by putting glass/plexiglass on the front so I don't have to dust as often. Right now, i dust around once a year and as anyone with a minimates collections knows, it's a big job.
  5. I need to recount them, but last time i counted 1200 Minimates. So i would guess it is now around 1300 or so. I will recount them and let you guys know because i am curious too. Thanks Zach! Hoping you noticed the NBX box set that is displayed and signed by you. Thanks for that btw! 😄
  6. thanks guys. i didn't know what everyone would think. i had a vision in mind of how i wanted it to look and just built to that. i like how it turned out and im glad you all are liking it too 😄 Chromatic order would be cool, but right now, most of them are grouped together with ones from the same comic. such as x-force, marvel zombies, etc... MCU movies/tv shows minimates are grouped by the movie.
  7. its nice when you can design your display room knowing what you have to work with. if you are remodeling, you can hide the ugly cords in the wall. if i was remodeling, that is exactly what i would do. I want to put glass/ plexiglass on the front of the displays so i don't have to dust as often. that will be my next project. that and adding the lights to the other shelves that sit on the ground. Thanks for the compliment. i submitted it for the fan of the month thing they are starting...
  8. I just finished putting the hyper white LED light strips on my custom shelves. it really makes the color on Minimates pop. Let me know what you think!
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