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  1. For Customization, there's the Pathfinder four-pack. Or is DST wants to introduce a new figure, Marvel had a character named, simply enough, Crossbow:
  2. The solicits for Uncanny Avengers in 2015 show Sabretooth on the team.
  3. The west coast is the best coast.
  4. Absorbing Man could be released a couple of times based on the material he absorbed. Concrete. Steel. Diamond.
  5. Why not a slip-over face mask like for the upcoming ends of earth spiderman?
  6. Found these for sale $5.99 for each figure. Bought three humans and one alien. They also had wave 59 and the LCS guardians so I spent a lot.
  7. Is Pyro's fire going to be translucent?
  8. You should enter this in the art contest.
  9. Im assuming this is based on the recent Uncanny Avengers storyline as it introduced two separate teams that had been assembled across timelines and universes by Kang and Immortus respectively. If thats the case its less of a grab bag of different characters.
  10. Is anyone having trouble finding the powered down Bobby? Ive been to three stores and they each had the three other sets.
  11. I remember a scene of the blob sitting on wolverines face and body and jumping when wolverine popped his claws.
  12. I feel proud to see a question answered but feel confused by a response of "good idea."
  13. I went to four separate shops in the boston area. No luck. Yet.
  14. Dangit! I forgot to include Gilgamesh.
  15. Eternals Box Set: Ikaris, Zuras, Karkas Thena Two-Pack Sersi, Makkari
  16. Could marvel blackball a toy company for working on Fox movie based product against marvels wishes?
  17. Maybe minimates are exempt from this whole "cut off your nose to spite your face" business. That said I hope they treat this right as far as a comic story opportunity (same with death of wolverine).
  18. For a themed wave build a diorama would be very cool.
  19. A belt with sheath for the Black Knights sword. A coffee pot for Aja Hawkeye. A Phoenix fire hand grabbing another figure.
  20. Hit my store and they only had the Iceman/Sentinel set, which I bought. Looks like I may be driving around town this weekend looking for the others.
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