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  1. Yeesh. The TMNT Minimates at TRU I found today all had really bad paint apps. I bought the best looking of the four sets each. Are the LCS versions already out? I'm curious to know if the paint is better on them. Sadly probably won't get Kraang due to neither of the soon to be closed K-Marts near me have the line.
  2. Wow. I haven't been really in the Minimates crowd for a while as I got burnt out on all the movie based waves, but to finally see Brotherhood Minimates as well as Banshee and Forge in the outfits I wanted to complete my 90s X-Men teams... My Minimates appreciation has come back in full force. The only thing that would make this all even better would be a 90s X-Factor reveal. ...And Power Pack.
  3. How about the Power Pack? Zero-G, Lightspeed, Mass Master, and Energizer?
  4. A new Mystique and the Sentinel are really the big things that I'd like out of this set. Of course, getting a new Mystique in this themed set seems a bit odd... I think she'd have gone better with a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants set consisting of any of the following...Blob, Pyro, Avalanche, Mastermind, or Toad.
  5. I fully approve of this idea for Minimates.
  6. They did. In the 1990s towards the end of the original line they had Jim Lee's TMNT. These new TMNT look more 1990s superhero extreme than the actual 1990s TMNT ever did.
  7. Someone really hit my nearby TRU for the Marvel Minimates recently. Used to have a lot of sets and now pretty much all the wave 18 and 17 stuff it had after I bought my copies is long gone. I have to assume it was one person that did it, too. They weren't moving for weeks and I check my local TRU once a week.
  8. No love for Power Pack? (Zero-G, Lightspeed, Mass Master, Energizer) Heck, I don't think the kids have even gotten a figure in any toy line in the entire time they've been in the Marvel Universe. And given almost all the other 90s X-related teams have been given most if not all their team members, why nothing for 90s X-Factor?
  9. Actually, those new mini-playsets for TMNT Playmates will be putting out might be compatible with the Minimates, so there's that as well.
  10. Dude, can we just get 90s X-Factor in Minimate form at all?
  11. Banshee (both classic and 90s looks) or Forge to help fully complete the 90s' X-Men teams.
  12. My local Toy s R Us this past Friday got in a full case of... Spider-Sense Spider-Man and First Appearance Punisher 2-packs.... WTF!?!?
  13. Hopefully indeed. I want to see complete crews of everyone outside of just the Original Series. Also would love to see the Enterprise-D, Defiant, and yes, even Voyager done like the Original Series Enterprise minimate vehicle.
  14. Hot dang! I love that Super-deformed look for some reason. Though when is the Enterprise with the Tribbles and green shirt Kirk supposed to be coming out? I'm waiting for that one unless it's cancelled.
  15. There was zero sanding. Some of the pieces had to be printed with support material, which leaves tiny nubs on the final product that I cut off with a hobby knife. But otherwise these items are directly out of the printer. If anyone is curious about the whole process from start to finish, check out the video here. I already have an ice blast in the works. Sweet. Can't wait to see them. Iceman needs some stuff to show off his powers with.
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