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  1. No luck in Tucson, AZ. I found kraven and hobgoblin packs (series 9) but i've only seen them a few times. I got them, even though i don't normally like the animated style. I got to say, these are growing on me.
  2. I found 1 of each pack at 2 different Targets in Tucson, AZ. The app says they are sold out. I found them NOT on the end cap, instead thrown in with the NECA stuff, they are $15.99.
  3. here is another picture:
  4. there is a skrull in the box set that hits comic stores
  5. yeah what's up with the price hike! or I'm still spoiled by TRU $7.5
  6. and since then we had had a few more versions
  7. i have given up hope of ever seeing any animated waves besides series 6. which is all every walgreens in tucson az seems to stock.
  8. these are some great minimates! glad i was able to find them. Does anyone else have some crazy paint aps on capt marvel's eyes? i've seen at least 5 where the eye don't match.
  9. beetle and jack booth still on Fun fact if you go in to a physical TRU they can order them for you and you don't have to pay shipping.
  10. I had them in my hand! For the 2 minuets it took walk to the register I was so happy! Then it all came falling down :’( for all the good it did they took my name and number and said they’re would call when I could buy them. I’m not holding my breath. I this was of course after going to 4 other walgreens!
  11. just to add to the list Tucson az hasn't seen anything new since the summer.
  12. Squashing like a bug Here's my entry!
  13. I just found set two at TRU for one dollar! I bought them out.
  14. added some detailing to the ironman armors! think it came out pretty good... updated my star girl (i know not marvel but whatever)...
  15. yes it. that is one of the great things of collecting a toy line for 10 years!
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