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2011 - Year of the Minimate!

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After looking at the poll thead, I counted over 200 minimates for 2010! (125 were Marvel)

I'm really excited to see where 2011 takes us! We're about a month away from ToyFair, and I'm dying to see some new lines!

Confirmed for 2011:

Marvel (duh!) (including Comic Book, Thor, Cap America & X-Men Movies)

Real Ghostbusters

MAX Pirates (WANT!!!)

Universal Monsters (WANT!!)


Sony Video Games

BTTF 25th anniversary set

MAX heroes box set (variants! yawn)

So, where will 2011 take us? 2010 gave us Marvel, GB, Halo, MAX, and Universal Monsters. Sure, we got the Delorian & T2 vehicles which gave us a couple of BTTF & T2 minimates, but 2010 was not as expansive as previous years. Expensive, yes, but not as many properties as before with all the movie mates. I mean, we got a "Desperately Seeking Susan" 2-pack but DST states that "the time has passed" for Kick-Ass! So where does that leave us for our requested older properties like Army of Darkness, Big Lebowski, Fifth Element, etc, etc, etc?

Will 2011 bring us the return of more cult classic movies & TV shows as minimates? I love what DST has done with the Ghostbusters property, and I'm not even a huge GB fan. I would love to see older properties get the same treatment and I'd love to see DST take more chance this year!

Especially now that DST has made it into the Disney Store & theme parks, I'd love to see them use that leverage to tackle some Disney properties! I'd rather see minimates at Disneyland than that horrible Vinylmation!

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Surely 2010 was the most expansive & expensive ,the Database shows that nearly 270 Minimates were released & it is almost a full-time job keeping up with them all . That is perhaps a $3-$4 a day addiction for some people ;)

2011? I would prefer fewer Minimates & better quality.

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Surely 2010 was the most expansive & expensive ,the Database shows that nearly 270 Minimates were released & it is almost a full-time job keeping up with them all . That is perhaps a $3-$4 a day addiction for some people ;)

2011? I would prefer fewer Minimates & better quality.

This. My wallet completely agrees with you Rob, and it would be nice to see less corner cutting when it comes to the finished product that we see come out of the factory. I'm sorry, but a Spidey mate should ALWAYS have full webbing tampos, none of this covering-half-the-wrist crap, or seeing-the-webbing-under-the-eyes garbage.


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Agreed again. I'd be happier with fewer mates of higher quality.

I hope we see a decent amount of Comic-inspired mates this year to balance out what is sure to be a very film-mates-heavy year. While i don't mind the marvel movie mates, i really do prefer the comic-waves.

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What I mean is that I'd like to see more varied licenses. I could stand for less Halo if I could get another license I really like, and the Universal Monsters could have been condensed and drop the humans. Also, with 125 Marvel mates last year, I could stand getting only 100 if that means I could get 25 mates from a different license.

Speaking of Halo, I've got FAR more good guys than bad! With the dump case, the bad guys are way outnumbered! I wouldn't mind a bad guy dump case too.

I'm just glad minimates aren't sold like legos! I'd be broke!

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Yeah, I'll be really surprised if Universal Monsters returns in the same distribution format this year, I would hope that something was learned from the 2010 releases.

I have a feeling we'll either be seeing a LCS release or a TRU exclusive, but probably not both.

If they do both, then keep the humans to the LCS boxset and make the TRU exclusives limited to variations of the monsters, except include the angry villager army builder! :thumbsup:

For Marvel, I would actually prefer if they cut back on the number of 4 figure boxsets released in 2011. It seems that even with TRU support, we aren't able to complete all of the main members of a team with the boxsets, so it feels unfinished.

Halo, definitely more enemies and weapons, and less dependance on repaints. An all enemy army dump is a great idea!

Hopefully we'll get a few different vehicles with less Warthog retreads.

Ghostbusters - I'm glad they put the movies to rest, except for the glaring omission of the GB1 Janine. Looking forward to the RGB mates, but I'm hoping they don't try to draw it out as long as the movie series.

Back to the Future - There is a lot of potential for more of these, with the videogame and the 25th anniversary. I would like to see another boxset or two this year, to help round out the previous releases. Maybe a "Biff's car" accessory with a member of his gang.

Count me in the category of someone who would like to see more sets based on movies. I love the other random movie mates, and was looking forward to the Godfather and Beverly Hills Cop mates. There are a lot of properties that could work, but my personal pick would be Indiana Jones, especially now that the Lego series is over. A boxset per movie with TRU tie-in waves is all you would need, maybe with some army builder dumps with German Soldiers, Thuggee Guards, and Hovitos.

My all time 'holy grail' of Minimate licenses, however, would be "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". :P

Even if it was nothing more than the main knights, if DST made these and retired the Minimate molds forever, I would be a happy man.

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I'd like more unnecessary sculpting.

Quality is my major concern right now. I can take having a problem now and then, but they definitely need to make sure they don't have more catastrophic failures like the Friends and Foes boxset. I've been concerned about every release since.

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