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Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

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12 hours ago, Freaqualizer said:

Is it a Thor villain, specifically? Or just a villain who first appeared in Thor? I’d love for it to be a Thor villain, but really I just love villains in general. Bring ‘em on!

A villain who first appeared in Thor. A female, but not Titania.

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4 hours ago, CortherX said:

Shouldnt Stryker have shipped in August? And isnt Quicksand supposed to ship this month? I recieved Bastion but havent heard anything about shipping updates....

I should have sent an update. Going forward it will probably be 6-8 weeks for some releases. I recently quit my day job of 14 years and formed a video production / social media marketing company, which has limited my time for customs. Stryker is nearly finished, and I expect him to ship Monday morning. Quicksand will be another 3 weeks. My next custom will be revealed on Sunday. Thanks!

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On 9/25/2019 at 8:16 PM, CortherX said:

Got Striker he looks great but wasnt he supposed to come with some purple cloth thing?

Looks like I forgot to put on the purple sash. If anyone would like it added, there are two options. One is that I can mail you the piece of purple vinyl with instructions on how to apply it yourself. Or I can send you a prepaid mailing label to send Stryker back to  me, and I can add the sash and send it back to you. Send me a DM if interested. Thanks!

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I forgot to give a hint for this custom, so let's just consider it a surprise release. ;)





Paladin includes his golden stun gun, two silver pistols, an enhanced sniper rifle, and a bullet-ridden building backdrop. This custom set is a limited edition of 36. You can preorder him here:

Production update: Quicksand is 90% finished and will be shipping this week. Stingray is about 25% finished and will ship in 2-3 weeks. The Legion of Doom and the Classic WWF Wrestling Rings shipped today. For those of you waiting for older customs to ship with current orders, I am working on all of those as we speak. If you haven't already told me to ship an older custom with your Series 78 order, please let me know. Thanks!

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