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  1. How did you get four of the female main character? You went to two locations? All from the same location. All from the same display (they had 2 out on the counter), unless they mixed the contents at the store.
  2. These just hit NYC. Got 2 of the male main character and 4 of the female main character. I have been officially cured of my impulse to buy blind packaged items ever again.
  3. There are three TRUs in my area. None received the Tomb Raider minimates. I greatly appreciate DST making unique figures that other companies won't touch. It's one of the reasons that I have been collecting 'mates since they came out. The distribution by TRU was a mess in this case. I am usually pretty lucky at buying figures online at TRU but these were barely a blip on the radar. Showed up once and never again
  4. TheTomb Raider line performed below expectations because a full half of the fgures never made it to market. I looked for months and gave up. I do not work to feed scalpers.
  5. I'm guessing the crossover character is Wolverine, who will be "dead" once this wave comes out.
  6. Been offline for a few days. Did anyone post about these? Are these Wave 60, TRU 19 or something else? They look amazing!!!
  7. I just did it and it worked fine. Was not working about 1 hour ago but no problems now.
  8. Not interested in the goblins as much as the others. Anyone have pics?
  9. Any word on whether these will be available to order online? I am a big fan of translucent minimates.
  10. I have the the Star Wars Titanium version. Pretty cool ship.
  11. Oooooooooooh... that's about perfect. Thanks for the pic. I could swear there's another space character or race that uses a ship similar to that but I can't place it. A Villain maybe? Right now I'm thinking of grabbing 1 Milano for the Guardians set, which, I could swear "I wasn't going to buy" , but seem to be doing it anyway. Funny how that happens with minimates. I think it's a combination of factors, I'm not getting much else this year and this is a neat little one and done set that completes the team. Add the fact that they're close enough to comic versions and I can add cool accessories... that sounds like fun to me. Sold. Rockets ship, two of them, are destined for flat green paint and service in the Hydra army as gunships. Pew Pew! Jeff, thanks for the heads up, looking forward to hearing what you think about the other ships.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post! I had to jump in on this. DS9 for me was always my favorite. I loved that each of the characters were not so black and white and that they were willing to take risks with character development. As much as I am a huge DS9 fan, it does pale in comparison to the first 4 seasons of Babylon 5 (we don't talk about season 5). Despite the ham-fisted humor, the show dealt with many topics that other sci-fi shows did/would not. I would really love some B5 'mates but I'm sure that will never happen at this point.
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