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  1. OH MY!!!! Something just went wrong downstairs.
  2. 1. Alpha Primitives 2. Blood Brothers 3. Shiar Soldier
  4. Mutant Liberation Front. Dragoness, Tempo, Fourarm, Zero, Reaper, Strobe? Thumbelina, and Wildside. I think the Sumo guy maybe Sumo and totally blanked on rising sun guy, though that could be it.
  5. The Aliens line is sooo good. Sentinel and the Foot soldier look like they've been hanging with Jay and Bob too long.
  6. I'm banking on a High Evolutionary needing some Knights of Wundagore.
  7. I think these will scale really well with those nanoblock architecture sets.
  8. puddin

    Wave 54

    the thumbnail to this looks like mummy hands... maybe it’s just me but I was like “what’s with the picture of mummy hands?” clicked it and started laughing when I saw what it really was. I thought the exact same thing. Ha!
  9. They are 59.99 at our friendly neighbor hood Lukes Toy Store. I'm stoked for this dump!
  10. I passed on the delorean. That will not happen here.
  11. I am the proud owner of that piece. Just had it in my hands last night.
  12. I'm calling it right now. Mace Windu cameo. Disney movie in space, they have to start teasing star wars.
  13. Valentina Fontaine, Meow!
  14. puddin

    Wave 54

    Wasnt one of the acolytes a triplet? Kleinstock brothers or somesuch? Throw in an alternate head and a Senyaka mask and you have quite the crowd.
  15. Firelord and airwalker are back up on t r u .com if anyone wants to chance it.
  16. My local wal-mart had Mines of Moria on clearance marked down to 54.00. Whilst I was there they announced half off all clearance. I got that big sucker for 27.00. Picked up a few Captain America sets for $4.50. Might be worth checkin around.
  17. First thing i did was cobble one together. Gotta cut the claws off a spare wolverine hands, add a lil paint, and find the right head. placeholder head is the sniper from M.A.X. four pack.
  18. I sometimes listen to Smodcast but I never miss Tell'em Steve Dave. 3 friends and I drove 4 hours to go see them when they toured.
  19. 1.Fin Fang Foom 2.Viper 3.Hela I don't think we'll ever see the Walrus. Other than that I keep my hopes high we'll get loads more villains. I never thought a Spymaster figure would happen.
  20. I had no idea Stan was a member of the verse.
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