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  1. Oh nice. Didn't catch that.
  2. I can't remember, are some of these box set figures going to also be in the regular wave?
  3. I love the inclusion of a Mastermind head and chest block. He's an easy custom with the Old Man Logan jacket and some random brown legs.
  4. Korvac, Magus, or Hela would be my top 3 wants for Cosmic comic foes, but I'm clueless as to who this is gonna be.
  5. Found these yesterday in Nashville. Got em all except the Hulk Carnage pack, cuz who wants that garbage? I guess all I had to do to solve my problem of NEVER finding new Walgreens waves was to move to a completely different city in a different state.
  6. I'm not a fan of the armor design, but i am really happy we finally got some new goddamn arms for these Iron Man figs that can actually move.
  7. that's a pretty great idea. i really wish we would have gotten the Madripoor Wolverine as part of this wave in place of Ninja Attack Wolvie, but I can't complain too much.
  8. I don't know about other locations, but the last several MCU movie waves didn't sell at all at any of the TRU locations near me. There are still Civil War mates on the shelf from both waves, NONE of the Dr. Strange ones sold (even on discount), and the Guardians aren't exactly moving either. The Wolverine wave has sold out and been restocked already after 2 weeks of showing up.
  9. Toad is average height. He's taller than Wolverine. He's listed as 5'8" and 260 pounds in the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe.
  10. I've got an extra if you need one. Cost plus shipping, obviously.
  11. Did anyone else end up with 2 right hands on their Lady Deathstrike figure?
  12. They're gonna need some extra large hallways to accommodate 4 people fighting at once.
  13. Medusa looks like someone playing a Disney Princess at a little girl's birthday party.
  14. i'd appreciate this line a lot more if the waves were properly distributed by Walgreens. These figures are the biggest pain in the ass to collect. I live in a town with 3 Walgreens in between 2 major cities that have probably another 30 stores. I NEVER see new waves. Nothing past 1.5 has ever shown up on the shelves. When mates have been restocked they are always more older waves. Some stores don't even have ANY mates on the shelf. Staff that I've asked questions to either have no clue or tell me things like "we get what they send us". Having to rely on other members of this messageboard and ebay to get them really defeats the point of these Minimates being an exclusive at a major chain. This is only a problem with Minimates. The stores near me have no problem getting the new Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, and Funko Pop exclusives.
  15. I don't know about LCS's but the movie waves don't sell worth a damn at the two TRUs near me. There are still unsold Civil War minimates and NOBODY bought any of the Dr Strange ones. The Guardians sets haven't moved at all either.