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  1. i'd appreciate this line a lot more if the waves were properly distributed by Walgreens. These figures are the biggest pain in the ass to collect. I live in a town with 3 Walgreens in between 2 major cities that have probably another 30 stores. I NEVER see new waves. Nothing past 1.5 has ever shown up on the shelves. When mates have been restocked they are always more older waves. Some stores don't even have ANY mates on the shelf. Staff that I've asked questions to either have no clue or tell me things like "we get what they send us". Having to rely on other members of this messageboard and ebay to get them really defeats the point of these Minimates being an exclusive at a major chain. This is only a problem with Minimates. The stores near me have no problem getting the new Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, and Funko Pop exclusives.
  2. I don't know about LCS's but the movie waves don't sell worth a damn at the two TRUs near me. There are still unsold Civil War minimates and NOBODY bought any of the Dr Strange ones. The Guardians sets haven't moved at all either.
  3. the Leader and Kang are much needed as well as Ms. Marvel. I didn't need another hulkbuster, but i like the Hydra-ish color scheme. Luckily those 4 figures are together cuz I don't care about the rest and I am really sick of the animated Iron Man repaints.
  4. I was back in my hometown where there are like 12 Walgreens and in 3 of them there were no Minimates at all. Not even a shelf spot for them. The rest of the stores just had waves 1 and 1.5.
  5. I'm guessing Gamestop or Hot Topic is the 3rd location.
  6. That thing where the third Thor movie looks more fun and exciting than a big screen Justice League or an MCU Spider-Man film. What a strange time.
  7. Every Avenger from the 60s to 2000 that we've never had a figure for: 60s and 70s-Two Gun Kid, Swordsman, Goliath (Clint Barton), Mantis, Hellcat, Moon Dragon 80s and 90s- Starfox, Dr. Druid, Mockingbird, Firebird, Demolition Man, Forgotten One/Gilgamesh, Quasar, Sersi, Stingray, Rage, Machine Man, Living Lightning, Crystal, Darkhawk, Justice A lot of these characters I don't care a thing about, but a few are among my most wanted (Hellcat, Mockingbird, Machine Man) not to mention some Avengers heavy hitters that could use some updates or classic costumes (Black Panther, Wasp, Vision, Quicksilver, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Hercules) A potential classic Avengers wave Black Panther (classic) and Hellcat Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Brotherhood/Quartet) Goliath (Hawkeye) and Wasp (any of her 800 costumes) Wonder Man (Masters of Evil) and Vision (much needed classic update) and a West Coast Avengers wave (or even just a boxed set to give us Mockingbird and white Vision) Hawkeye (WCA look) and Mockingbird Doctor Pym and Wonder Man (update) Vision (white) and Machine Man Darkhawk and US Agent
  8. i've been on the fence about the Spider-Man suit itself since Civil War. I love how bright and colorful it is. It really pops more than any other costume in the MCU, but it's just a little too techy for my tastes. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a dumpster fire of a movie, but it's the best damn Spidey costume we will ever see on screen. The homemade Spidey suit is okay. It definitely looks like something a teenager with no money would design for himself. I just really don't like the hoodie, because it's super unpractical for a dude that's swinging around a city all day. That damn hood would be getting snagged on things all the time. I don't like the look of any of these villains. They're either boring (Tinkerer) or ugly (Shocker). As for Vulture, I get that they wanted something more menacing for a BIG BAD, but I feel like it's a little over designed. It's fine, I guess.
  9. That Shocker is seriously disappointing...not as a figure, just as a look. As much as I love the MCU, the villain costumes by and large (with a few exceptions) continue to suck.
  10. Thanks
  11. an Invisible Woman that matched the Best Of Mr. Fantastic would be fine, but there already exists a Sue and Reed in their original blue and black costumes for a classic Fantastic Four set.
  12. The blue suit from the Walgreens Coulson + Head from Hover chair Chuck + wheelchair from DOFP = a perfect classic Xavier. No need to waste a spot on an update. I also don't know why we would need an updated Magneto either, both the Dark Magneto and the Capcom vs Marvel ones are perfect.
  13. An Avengers vs Masters Of Evil wave is something I've wanted for ages. any combo of 4 Avengers classic Black Panther green costume Quicksilver all white Vision Hawkeye as Goliath black and gold Wasp The Captain Hellcat updated Ms. Marvel Mockingbird Dr Druid and 4 Masters Of Evil members Executioner Wonder Man Radioactive Man Melter Whirlwind Tiger Shark
  14. Found them at my TRU this morning. Didn't notice anything weird about Drax or Nebula
  15. Ward and Davos are easily the most sympathetic characters on the show. That's what happens when your lead character is a whiny jerk.