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Lego collectible minifigures coming June 2010


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... I think I just felt my own wee heart cry a little. :(

I actually asked DST (or at least tried to ask) a similar question in the last Q&A:

Have you guys ever considered expanding the Minimate brand by tapping into the designer vinyl market? For the last couple of years art toys had been pretty popular with the “young crowd”, with companies like Kidrobot, Medicom and Toy2r putting out limited-edition minifig series based on the works of different urban-inspired artists. Is it possible for Minimates to make a similar transition?

DSTChuck: I think Medicom has that ground pretty covered with their Bearbricks so we’ll leave that to them for now.

Perhaps I should've phrased the question better to see if DST could pull off some random generic minipeople like these LEGO ones, though reviewing the past couple of threads where we discussed these it appears DST still isn't that sold on selling 'mates at a fully-playable capacity but more of a "limited-edition collector's item" one.

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Check out THIS LINK.

I think that DST should do something similar with their upcoming minimate MAX line. It'd be a great opportunity to aquire non licensed civilian minimates. If only dreams came true. :(

This is an excellent idea, random military/police/rescue/etc...

I really like these and would probably end up buying loads on impulse if I saw them.

me too, and I'll almost guarantee I will buy these up. I really like the wrestler, magician, and clown...I am thinking some nice vignettes can be done with these guys.

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I heard about these a while ago from, but they only could show the heds in circle "blobs." Seeing the full bodies, they look incredible. If anything was to pull me back into LEO, it'd be these; that is, as long as i don't end up with a Cheerleading Squad. ;) I'm defiitely gonna have to buy SEVERAL packs of these, and show my 10-year-old cousin; he's takes after me. :P

Also, that Archer looks great!! I've been needing a base for Green Arrow, to complete my DC Customs, but the Medieval line stopped when i was born, before my Dad got me into LEGOs. Good to see i have an opprotunity now. :)

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I LOVED Lego growing up, and would always enjoy playing with the mini figures and customising them. My 8 year old self (yes I am borrowing that from one of the other commenters :P) is telling me to buy these first chance I get!

I hope they'll do more waves in the future, especally if they add in Vikings, Pirates, Knights and Samurais :D.

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Here are two pictures I found of Wave 2, well at least part of wave 2. Unfortunately the last few aren't able to be seen at that angle(by the looks of it, there is what looks like Baywatch C.J., a mime, and possibly a ringmaster?) They are supposed to be out in September. I love the use of new parts, as well as bringing back some oldies but goodies.



That poncho is gunna' look great for a custom Man with No Name. :D

Edit: Poo, seems I neglected to read Scorpions post, my bad!

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Anybody else seeing these at TRU lately? I went on Thursday to see an entire rack full of them, so I got 10. Went back yesterday, ALL OF THEM GONE. Went to another TRU, all sold out there too. I hadn't anticipated them being nearly that popular, but at $2 a Minifig I guess it's hard to beat.

I got:

2 Ninjas

2 Clowns

2 Robots

2 Skaterboys

1 Magician

1 Diver

I was seriously hoping for a Cowboy, the Forestmen and a few Zombies but I can't complain since they are all pretty neat and worthy of doubles. The overall quality on these guys is fantastic, it isn't anything like the cheap Keychain figs. I'm going back on Wednesday since one of them said they'd be getting in another truck.

Also picked up the Lunar Limo and the Space Police Central. Easily the best Lego sets I've gotten in years, and Brick Daddy is my favorite Minifig. Ever.

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I totally missed this thread!

I hate the idea of blind packs but love that Lego are taking this idea and running in alsorts of whacky directions with it.

Despite having zero toy budget I I think I'll have to skip lunch one day and see if I can pick a couple of these up.


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I haven't seen these at all. Though I;d like to be able to say that for Minimates. Can you imagine blanks sold like this? Or with little accs? Come on, DST, get with it!

In fairness, though, Minimates will likely never be able to seriously compete with LEGO. LEGO has the name recognition, the distribution, the price (Minimates are about twice as expensive, and aren't sold individually at TRU), the kid-friendliness (parts won't come off and get swallowed as easily), the building sets that all kids seem to have, and the nostalgia of parents. With Minimates, DST simply has the vastly superior product ;)

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Anyone thinking about buying these might be interested in this - a guide on what figure is in what blindbox.

Lego Minifigure ID Chart

People at the lego Forums posted this, but I don't prefer it cause it seems partially douchey. Maybe if you're just looking to get ONE, but some people will most likely use it to grab a ton of the one figure they like.

I just don't like that. I know I'd be incredibly pissed if someone took the time to grab all the Zombies and Forestmen.

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People on the Eurobricks forums were being abnormally creepy about that Cheerleader...

Went again today and I got:



Scuba Diver



I absolutely love the Cowboy, and the Spaceman and Caveman are incredible. All three of them come with some great new accessories. I surprisingly still haven't got the Dummy, and he's supposed to be incredibly common.

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