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  1. Did you really have to introduce the word member into this thread? T. p.s. waiting for Rob to show up post something pithy and sign off as 'buttnakedheadsmate' EDIT ***I guess I haven't been by for a while, this was last Jan! sorry or the Necro!***
  2. Well, With the drought of Minimates lately I have started to diversify into the occasional Kubrick set to feed my block figure addiction. Today in the post I got a set of 'sex pistols' Kubricks... and they are totally awesome!!!!!! I know that Kubricks normally look chunky and odd but these are simply stunning... From the cool Leather jackets to the snarly near perfect facial expressions there are pretty much perfect. ok so so I took pix.... If you aren't biased totally towards minimates go seek a set of these out they rock... T.
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