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Custom Mighty Muggs Gatchaman Ken pg 5!!!


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Always enjoy looking at your latest customs, Are-Jay. Your Muggs keep getting better and better.

I really like your new Classic Batman. That's some flawless work on the details - it has a really nice design while keeping the simple feel of a traditional Mugg. And I'm impressed by anyone who does four different Chuck Norris customs :)

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Unbelievable work, man! I like how the shading on classic Batman's face kind of looks like a bat spreading its wings. I'd love to have one of those, just can't afford to commission one at the moment.

You are the man when it comes to Mugg customs.

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Here is some new ones for you guys to check out :)

Jill Valentine (BSAA)


Sheva Alomar (BSAA)


Rebecca Chambers


Ada Wong


Raccoon City Zombie


Maskless Harley Quinn


Hope you guys like em! The "Ladies of Resident Evil" are for sale as well so PM if you're interested!

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Very professional-looking, Are Jay. Loving that zombie.

Thank you, sir!

Over at the Mightymuggforum, we had a Resident Evil "Zombies" custom contest. There were some awesome entries, including a Licker, Leech Queen, and Majini. You should check it out if you get a chance :)

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Ken looks amazing! You did a great job getting past the hurdle of a mask. He couldn't look better.

Ever thought of doing Ultraman, now that you're doing Gatchaman?

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That Mark is amazing, you really captured the essence of the character! *waits patiently for Princess*

I am a big fan of Battle of the Planets, I really liked the comic a few years back, and the last 12" action figures I bought were Mark and Jason.

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Thanks for the comments guys- greatly appreciated! Especially coming from actual fans of the show :)

Ken/Mark was actually a Fathers Day gift for my dad- He's a really big fan. I personally don't have too much knowledge of the show, have only seen a few of the episodes, but the character designs are pretty awesome! I do plan on making the other 4 and possibly the main villain (bleh-sculpting!) as my mom is begging for a Princess LOL I already have mock-ups of them so if you want to see em, feel free to send me a PM :) It'd be awesome to see what you think!

Never heard of Ultraman- I'll have to google it lol

Boyd- The pink Batman was actually a commission for one of the moderators at the Mighty Muggs forum. Her screen name is "Litepink" and loves all things girly so her husband thought it would make for a cool/unique gift. DEFINITELY unique LOL Don't think we'll be seeing this look in the comics anytime soon haha

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Wow; you get better wth every update, Are-jay!! Definitely loving the latest one, though; i've heard of Gatchaman, but never watched, and love the amount of minimalist detailing you used to bring it together. It looks and feels detailed, but upon close inspection isn't. I love it.

And those Batmen are incredible. I actually love the pink one; it's unusual enough to be brilliant. Would've loved to see Yellow, Red, and Green ones, though. Ya know, since green is the best color ever. ;)

In fact, i just gave me an idea. If Hal Jordan can go Rainbow, why can't Bats?! Sooooo drawing this...:lol:

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Love the entries on this page ARE-JAY. wish I would have know about that Batman sale, I love the dark blue one!

Her screen name is "Litepink"

No way! (don't know if you've seen this), Litepink as in the one that the eBay guy yabemc always make fun of? :D

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No way! (don't know if you've seen this), Litepink as in the one that the eBay guy yabemc always make fun of? :D

Haha yes, that is indeed her! That rivalry/feud is as legendary as the Red Skull/ Captain America! Well almost* ;) LOL

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