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I've been MUGGed!


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I got the new minimuggs on friday, they are pretty cool, theyre not officially out but you can ask to pull them out. heres the DCPI number if anyone is interested in getting them 087060436

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Found quite a selection of MightyMuggs today at a FiveBelow (while looking for SF 'mates) for $5 each.

FiveBelow storewas located in South Plainfield, NJ.

Had Marvel (mostly X-Men) and GI Joe.

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Almost exactly 3", based on my tape measure. I picked up the bounty hunters set because I didn't have any of them as full-size Muggs. I wish they had used this scale from the beginning, it would have made my collection much more manageable. I don't understand why they molded the weapons in the hands, you'd think that would end up making them cost more to produce.

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I saw these at Target yesterday, and I caved and bought the two original trilogy packs. I really love the smaller size, and it doesn't bother me that the guns are molded to their hands. However, the paint apps were pretty sloppy. I looked through 5 of each before I found a set that I was happy with. Bossk is my favorite so far. I really hope they release more of these.

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