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Antman and the Wasp


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53 minutes ago, Heinous said:

Will this set include a full size hello kitty pez dispenser, if not that's a wasted opportunity 

I didn't get to see the box art. Maybe they can put it in a Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser shaped box?

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I'm curious as to how the Wasp will turn out as a minimate. There are a couple of distinctly different options coming out in other toys.


Funko Pop are doing an all grey/black costume, but Marvel Legends are doing the black and gold look.
Marvel-Legends-Infinity-War-Wave-2-22__scaled_400.jpg Image result for wasp funko pop

I'm wondering if she wears both in the film, or if this is a case of early concept art differing from final product and manufacturers receiving differing art depending on when they started planning their lines?


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I know promo art at sdcc last year had her in the yellow and black (ML) outfit. But all the set photos I've seen look like the pop figure. Don't remember what's in the trailer 

Edit:Just rewatched the trailer, I think I saw both in the trailer 

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13 hours ago, MisterPL said:

It's possible someone was worried the Wasp's suit would look too much like Yellowjacket's and they subdued the colors to avoid confusion.

If only they made the female Yellow Jacket figure. Poor Rita.

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With, or without paint? Chris Rock’s hat would be about the right color, but you would need to add hair to the head block.

The human from the Robbie the Robot set may work, too

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For what it's worth, Funko is releasing six different POPs from the movie, two of them being unmasked variants of the heroes and another a variant of the villain. DST could fit all of that into a boxset if they wanted to.

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10 hours ago, PrinceCuseCuse said:

Any word on when we're going to see the Ant-Man and Wasp minimates?

Yeah I’ve already seen Antman and Wasp toys on the shelf at Target, so....

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4 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

I'm pretty sure I saw

  Reveal hidden contents

Janet van Dyne Wasp

in the trailer, which isn't exactly surprising but it's my guess for the fourth figure.

I saw that as well. I'd kill for that to be the fourth figure.

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