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Infinity War


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10 minutes ago, youbastards said:

Thor didn't get his new hammer????   :\

Shame, I am disappointed that Thor didn’t get his Stormbreaker. Hopefully, we get a Rocket and Adolescent Groot minimates set with a Stormbreaker hammer.

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21 minutes ago, youbastards said:

Thor didn't get his new hammer????   :\

Seriously! Thats why i have him posed with hands on hips. I mean, against Thanos what else is he gonna do!?! 

I sympathize with Diamond here... they probably didnt even have the references for his hammer. So now we don't get a hammer. Sad face.

But!! Does anyone want to see the rest?!




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Winter Soldier looks good, but i hope you’ll be able to see the chest detail better on release, and those grey legs are getting replaced, Widow looks great other than the hair looking a little short, Rocket looks amazing with the new legs and thin torso, not feeling Groot though, hate the arms as legs and his face just looks weird and overall looks too dark, but I appreciate they made circular feet for it, as the square feet always look weird with the armlegs

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Iron Man and Thanos are the only ones so far I feel like tracking down, but Proxima Midnight, improved Rocket, and teen Groot all look good too.

There are twelve minimates in these three-part assortments, so my guesses for wave 2 are:

  1. Captain America (definitely shared)

  2. Hulkbuster (probably shared)

  3. Hawkeye (probably shared)

  4. Scarlet Witch (not LCS exclusive)

  5. Vision (Walgreens exclusive?)

  6. War Machine

  7. Falcon (not TRU exclusive)

  8. Gamora (Walgreens exclusive?)

  9. Black Panther

  10. Corvus Blade

  11. Ebony Maw

  12. Cull Obsidian


Captain America & Hulkbuster

Hawkeye & Black Panther


Falcon & [Black Order]


War Machine & [Black Order]


Vision & Scarlet Witch

Gamora & [Black Order]

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Honestly I'd be surprised if we get black panther, beings his product is still on the shelf right now. Unless he has a drastically different look in the movie. 

@TENIME_arthis face is angrier than the first release. Almost positive his hair is new (or different than the last, I thought it had more volume on the original) 

I like that rocket is fixed, I'll pick him up just to customize into a 2008 dna rocket

@ZylekI don't thing groot is reall taller, it's just bad photoshop 

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5 minutes ago, Heinous said:

@thereasonsy there are lose pics on the first page, and that was posted on the top of this page 

Thanks for the heads up. I saw it but it didn't have all of the figs. Either way, this still gave me life and it's such a good instagram people should follow it anyway.

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So, for those of you who have found these, did they ring up as part of the BOGO sale? And were they with the other Minimates?

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Found 2 full sets at the Northlake IL Walgreens. They weren't on the shelf, but an employee was wheeling out a cart full of unopened boxes to shelve in the easter aisle... low and behold, I gave it a once over glance and there it was in the middle, little brown box, "Marvel Minimates Infinity War"

Bought one set and left the other. Go get'm Chicago locals.

PS. Yes, they do ring up w/ the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal, as others have reported. Whole set was about $28 total (tax included)
PS2. Considering Dr. Strange and Thor are labeled Walgreens Exclusive, but not listed as such on the insert, I'm guessing they're actually the shared exclusive between Walgreens and Toys R Us, per the last couple movies. And the Walgreens sticker will just change to a TRU sticker at the other store.

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