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DC Extended Universe Minimates

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We'll probably want to wait and see if the DCEU even lasts beyond Justice League. Right now they've produced 3 movies with negative press (which I as a DC fan highly dislike) and have another impending disaster in Justice League as it's a Snyder film. The Batman just lost its director and there's rumors of Affleck wanting to jump ship entirely because the script for the movie is garbage. Wonder Woman has been oddly quiet ever since the, what, second trailer? The Flash has been crashing and burning with multiple directors running away screaming. Right now the only remotely bright looking spot is Aquaman and that's only because James Wan is still attached despite the tornado of stupid swirling around the entire franchise.

... those things aside they are nice costume designs and I'd love some minimates of them. 

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I have been thinking waaaay to much about D.C. Movie mates. Similar to the last few Marvel movies, 2 waves a movie plus corresponding TRU 2-packs.

BvS wave 1

Shared: Armored Batman/Alfred and Superman/Lex Luthor 

LCS: Bruce Wayne/Superman Soldier and Diana Prince/Superman Soldier

TRU: Nightmare Batman/Aquaman

BvS wave 2

Shared: Final Battle Batman/Wonder Woman and Battle Damaged Superman/Doomsday

LCS: Lois Lane/Nightmare Bat Monster and Martha Kent/Nightmare Bat Monster

TRU: Clark Kent/Zod 


Suicide Squad wave 1

Shared: Harley Quinn/Trenchcoat Joker and Rick Flagg/Diablo

LCS: Enchantress/Amanda Waller and June Moone/Slipknot

TRU: Captain Boomerang/Flash

Suicide Squad wave 2

Shared: Batman/Deadshot and Killer Croc/Katana

LCS: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Ike Barenholtz and Clint Eastwood's son/Enchantress' male counterpart

TRU: Tuxedo Joker with Panda parts/Prisoner Harley Quinn

This leaves out a few Harley variations.

like I said, waaaay too much time thinking about this.

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1 minute ago, fwoosheyman said:

Thought something had been announced when I saw this thread but it's just another hopes and wishes thread.  <_<

Can we move this to another part of the forum?

ugh, me too....... And now that Black Manta has been announced in the Aquaman film, I am all in for DC movie mates.

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With Ben Affleck as director, producer, co-writer, and star, The Batman could have been the Citizen Kane of comic book movies.


If he feels he needs to focus on writing to make the script great and allowing a partner to take the director's chair, I'm good with that. Affleck seems as passionate about his Caped Crusader as Ryan Reynolds does about Deadpool. My hopes remain high. Hopefully WB trusts him to deliver enough to back the fuck off.


In the meantime, I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised with Wonder Woman and Justice League.

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