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McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead Building Sets


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It's amazing how Todd McFarlane can do all that stuff by himself.

Seriously, Todd McFarlane's ego is so big it affects the tides.

"Climate change" is just a fancy way of saying that Todd McFarlane is making the whole planet cooler.

As for the sets, I might pick one up on clearance. The tough part is going to be merchandising these things because they look nothing like traditional brick sets. They're more likely to sell in the model aisle with the other glueless kits.

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" these things are only a couple of inches tall......"

[paragraph just above Governor's room pic]

In context of the whole statement it does sound like he is saying the figures are a couple inches tall. Looks like it could be a cool displays for WD Minimates.

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Definitely interested. I didn't get that those were pictures of the actual building block toys, when I finally saw that my mind was a little blown.

Hopefully the finished product looks as good, and we get an RV.

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Will these work with ANY other bricks? I know how much Todd likes to do his own thing. I wouldn't put it past him to buck the paradigm just out of spite.

The only good news I see here is that the guy doesn't have a clue why block figures are so popular so he'll likely never enter the category himself. That means licensing Spawn for Minimates might be possible. (Just have to add banks and bottle openers to the agreement as well.)

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