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2 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

Check out the Aquaman (top left ) , I have always understood it to be a 'proto' ,if it's not, it is amongst the best customs that I am likely to see.

That is a beautiful Aquaman, BH. Is this something you own? If so, might I ask how you acquired him?

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Yes I own the Aquaman , he was an eBay purchase from "that guy in China" * several years ago . My collection is in dire need of sorting out  .

I took that picture several years ago & haven't seen either the picture or the 'mates in some time . That Thor (in the pic) is pretty unique as is that 'other guy' with the beard to his left .......if I recall they are both from the *same source.

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It's not a great picture is it  ?:blush: 

I have many oddities/protos etc. & somewhere amongst them are some customs that an original 'boardie' produced back in the really early days ....the days before I arrived here (2006)  As far as I recall, there are 4 blank type 'mates that have various Transformer logos .....I think that is one of them . I have a set . Shanester would know for sure IF we're on the right track.

The 'Thor' in the picture has been bugging me all day since I posted that picture ....WTF is that , even I can't recall ?

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8 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

It looks like an early custom version of Thor's modern costume, with Colossus' arms and legs on the first classic Thor's body.

Thinking back on it, I finally realised that 'Thor' was a custom that my ol' friend (sometimes foe:no:) TBT gave me at SDCC 2008 ........16 years ago when I was old but less old than I am now :blush:  It's still a pretty awesome Minimate even now & completely illustrates my passion for Minimates , it is simple but priceless .

:offtopic: Sorry .   




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