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TM2's annual library display

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So, long about, oh gosh, 10 years ago now, I was asked by my local library if I would like to do a display case presentation. They knew I was a collector and I was showing my customs off in there one day and it just came up. So I said yes. It helps with the summer reading program and gets the kids really excited to see stuff in there that isn't books and quilting displays.

So every year I usually take 2 out of the 3 months and put up a display. I've always meant to catalog it but never got around to it. Well, here it is. In the past I've done Transformers (Always the biggest hit. I've had kids try and play with and/or steal them while I'm putting them up.) GI Joe, Figmas, Marvel. I even had Barbies in there one year. Last year I did movie Minimates but I didn't have my camera on me so I only took some crappy cell phone shots. This year I remembered to grab my camera. I'll change it out i August most likely.

What's really funny is there's a drawing on the table in front of the case for a book that changes weekly. I can't tell you how many complaints I've had passed onto me because the kids think its for my stuff.





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I saw that about 2 minutes ago and was going to stalk the SDCC thread to see who's going. :P

Gwen was a custom that a friend of mine did years ago and I begged him for it when he sold off his ML collection. It's a heavily modified Spawn figure. It is by far one of my favorite pieces.


Believe it or not I only paid about $20 shipped for the big Spidey. He has a broken finger that I didn't know about, but he's still awesome.

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I didn't do 2013, because My dad never gave me the message that the library called. I learned a very important lesson that year.

This may be my best display yet though.




I worry about you some times i really do :)

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I have a question that I need your help with.

You know every year my local library asks me to set of a display case for the summer reading program for the kids. I'll get a month or two, sometimes I'll change it out mid month. Previous displays have included Transformers, Figmas, MLP, legos, Minimates, GI Joe, Spiderman, Tomb Raider and Marvel legends. I know I'm forgetting some.

This year they asked me to do the December case as well! And I thought it'd be nice to do a nativity scene of some kind using a lot of different figures from various lines. The only catch is it can't be overly religious, because it's a public institution. BUT, if it's subtle, and has a lot of competing lines, it should be okay.

Also, I am open to other ideas. I've heard toys giving presents to toys for tots, but that didn't overly wow me.

So I'm looking for your help. I need from you a list of figures of who should go where in a nativity. I've got a lot of stuff, but I can't guarantee I'll have the figures you list. But I can pick the best ones/that I have from the lists you give me!

Also, I could use some other ideas. Any help would be appreciated. There are no bad ideas! But I can only do one, unfortunately.

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what if you used white fleece, white pom-poms, and cotton stuffing to have the toys having a snow day? Spider-man and his villains team up to build snowmen, GI and Cobra waging their war by throwing snow balls, ponies hiding in the snow with their little heads poking out providing a splash of color like christmas lights.

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