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  1. There's only one thing that could get me interested in that property and it would be MOTU Minimates. And while Mattel might be happy with their Mega Construx minifigs, I'm sure they'd be perfectly content with additional revenue from (ironically) block figures.
  2. Asked and answered. Happy not to have more blind bags in the Minimates line, though.
  3. Funko's already all over this with Pop! figures, of course.
  4. I'm thinking a WandaVision Halloween costume set might do nicely around Halloween.
  5. Anyone want Mortal Kombat Minimates? Because they're in development so make sure to preorder ASAP and as many as possible.
  6. I'm excited about any new license that's applied to Minimates. Hopefully pre-orders match your enthusiasm.
  7. Okay, so while there are still plenty of other Minimates I’d prefer to see from the MCU, the end of episode 5 was jaw-dropping.
  8. I labored through that first Godzilla. Never got halfway through the second. Far too much other entertaining content out there.
  9. Now figure out which other licensee/manufacturer might sub-contract DST to make this product for them. Personally, I'm thinking it might be a Disney exclusive (for the parks and/or stores) but they're not a manufacturer like DC Direct. I'm having trouble imagining a viable scenario where another Marvel licensee taps DST to make Minimates. I miss DC Minimates.
  10. When did The Iron Giant become a Disney brand? Isn't that WB?
  11. It makes perfect sense to keep Marketing in the dark about marketing. I've yet to see anything from WandaVision™ that I want more than an Armored Whiplash, Armored Rhino, or any number of unproduced suits from Iron Man 3.
  12. This should be tacked to the top of every page so we can be reminded what we're so stoked about.
  13. That was a fun video, Onyx! Well done! 🤓👍
  14. The article lists which characters are in the first wave. A second assortment is planned for fall. I'd be a completist, too. Thanks to all the uniforms I'd probably buy them by the case just to make Away Teams and obscure characters. I'd want this guy, too. 🤓 Someone discovered that AMT's 1/32 scale Enterprise bridge kit works great with Minimates. But a scaled down version of MEGO's playset would be fun, too. Knowing how well Hasbro's 1/18 scale toys work with Minimates, now I'm curious how well Playmates' shuttlecraft works, even though their line was a larger scale. Time to rum
  15. Super7 is launching a line of Star Trek figures but they're not doing it with Kirk and Spock! Gosh! They're launching with something called "The Next Generation." 🤔 As a Minimates collector I'm not as familiar with most of the characters mentioned but I'm looking forward to seeing what a Worf, Guinan, Data, and Wesley Crusher (?!) look like. Could be interesting.
  16. Looks like Super7 is jumping on the Star Trek bandwagon. We'll know more this week. I'm all for anything that can spur confidence in the franchise at retail. Hopefully success with this line will allow DST to be able to sell in Minimates to the same stores.
  17. Glad to hear they've reached the east coast. Keeping a lookout!
  18. Mr. Chaney's definitely not alone although the success of CBS' Trek series suggests most Trekkies are embracing the shows. The initial complaints about Discovery seemed to be from "fans" who didn't understand the franchise. They thought casting a Black female lead was simply being politically correct, a decision made to turn Star Trek into a platform for SJWs. As if the franchise had ever been anything else. That said, I've read complaints about the stories, technology, and other concepts that weren't clearly rooted in xenophobia or racism. However, these criticisms are usually the same k
  19. Good to know. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. And with Minimates it's not just about scale but proportion. These block figures tend to be a little husky for some vehicles and short for others. The exaggerated, squat proportions of lines like Star Wars Galactic Heroes or Mission Fleet might work better.
  20. I'm in. I hope DST can offer some Minimates based on it.
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