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  1. I very much like The Acquisition (TM), very much indeed! I also am yet to get a hold of superscript 😛 but yes, The Acquisition indeed. If only we could get some mates of Minimates into the mouse house as sleeper agents, to push our blocky agenda and get these licences licensed! We'll start with minimates in the desk drawers then move on to horse's heads in the beds if we have to >;) I kid, I kid, Mr NSA, I kid. I also heard about (alleged?) unproduced Godfather minimates, lending context to that lil' joke lol Indeed though, Terminator mates still have so much to giv
  2. Oh wow, wow indeed! Such an iconic look for both her and the show represented are the figures moulded wholly in different colours or you've different outfits under her lab coat? Either way, that's incredible The hands are indeed one of the shortcomings of the Palz design (in fact, as I wasn't quite aware of Tooms when I first got him as a Pal, and as I was quite young, I mistook the stretched out hands on his stretched out arms for like, crustacean style claws or something he must have used on the show lol how wrong I was. what an accessory though & what an ep, Squeeze espec
  3. I'm so happy to see this signal boosted here #DisneyMustPay On a side note, I can't see why there haven't been packs of minimate Aliens and Predators together, but I imagine there must be a good reason. Is the greater "Alien vs Predator" licence a wholly separate, perhaps unacquired third entity to the Alien/Predator licences DST presumably still holds perhaps? I'm curious. I feel like mates for the two ill fated films are a missed opportunity considering the ease of re-using parts (they have already mastered and moulded aliben$, predators, eggs, huggers, bursters etc)
  4. G'day, I just finished up my introductory post and on reflection, I've realised how much Palisades Palz were important, formative even, to me as a youth. I was also exploring the site, and found this here forum. I realise many might not want to dredge up the past now Palisades has passed, but I also hope some of you folks could dig getting a bit nostalgic about the true cousin to the Minimate, the Palisades Pal. I also realise I should stay on topic, since I'm creating a topic, but if I may be so bold my topic at large is simply Palz themselves. But, in the
  5. but what's puzzling you, is the nature, of my game...& as you can no doubt gather, I do love the Stone's riff (pun intended) that is this forum's name. Puzzle yourselves no more though as here I am introducing myself. I'm an Australian bloke in his mid 20's, should anyone reading be a Thunder Down Under themselves, I'm born, raised and reside in the Sunshine State, where fun times await. From what I gather, that's also what Florida is known by to its friends, but I digress. But yes, tl;dr: I'm a 90's kid of the Pineapple State, Australia. Now, were I doing this AFK, IRL if
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