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It might be the brand, or hasbro ineptitude. the media presence for transformers has been solid for transformers between the mindless movies and the various cartoon iterations, Joe has been lacking media for a good long while and the fact that the last movie got pushed back so the movie toys came out almost a year ealry didnt help.

Im a joe and TF fan, and there is nothing there to psyche me up about buying joes right now and there hasnt been since the 20 or 25th anniversary figs and dvd rereleases. They are definitely trying harder with marvel figs than they are their own GI Joe brand.

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I think G.I. Joe building block sets would have been much better served if they were designed more like the Mega Bloks Call of Duty line. I certainly wouldn't have been able to resist picking up a few key vehicles if they were done that way. It's a shame because G.I. Joe is really the ideal property for building blocks with all of the vehicles and playsets to choose from.

I'm not a huge Joe fan but Hasbro's mismanagement of the property over the past few years has been pretty depressing to watch.

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Doesn't appear to be selling very quickly. If we hadn't just spent 2 of the last 3 weeks on vacation I'd be tempted to get another just to armybuild the IGs.

I did put together the Triple T and its a fun build. I'm torn on the printed bricks though. On one hand I know they'll last longer than stickers. On the other I'd like to use those bricks for something else and the printing limits their usability. But still a cool set.

Also the figs are packaged on a collector friendly cardback/bubble. The cardback slides off the bubble allowing you to put them back later if you so choose.

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