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Working on my own toy line - looking for feedback


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Hey guys,
I have been working on designs and sculpts for a set of mini-figures over the past year or so in my spare time. I thought it was time to post them online and get some feedback. I know these figures would cater more to the MUSCLE / Monster in my Pocket / OMFG collectors, and I have posted these on those respective message boards, but I would love to get some opinions here as well.
The line is called Body Brawlers, and each figure is inspired by a part of the human body. Each figure will be around 1.5" tall to blend in with similar figures. I have two figures sculpted and painted in a draft version, and another two sketched out:
Kidney Stone
Iron Lung
Heart of Darkness
Gut Constrictor
Here is their story:

His name was Mauro, and he was the greatest fighter the galaxy had ever seen. He had a strong heart, an iron will, and the guts to take on any challenger. He was a fan favorite to win the Galactic Fighting Tournament. But in the very first round, and in the very first battle, he was struck down by a warlock fighter named Nolistis. Just as the announcer was about to call the fight, Mauro's lifeless body rippled with new energy. The dark power that Nolistis had used against him had an unexpected side effect. The organs in Mauro's body sprang to life and were filled with his courageous spirit. The fight was allowed to continue, but Nolistis fled in fear from his twisted creations. Mauro’s organs pressed forward in the tournament as the Body Brawlers!

Ideally I would like to make a small run of these and put them up for sale. Based on what you have seen so far, would you be interested in owning a set of figures like this? Do you have any suggestions for me as I continue to work on these?
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I don't collect those types of figures, but I like your idea. However I think you are limiting yourself to only having the body parts from one (male) character. Also, what is the consumer you are targeting, adults collectors, kids, both? If adults, it could give you a little more room for "other" organs that could be fun to make figures of, especially if you are doing it tongue in cheek.

I would recommend using Garbage Pail Kids as some inspiration, too. Maybe instead of "Kidney Stone", call him "Kid Kneestone" or something like that. Turn "Iron Lung" into "iRon Lung", maybe model his chest to look like an ambiguous MP3 player.


Oh, just thought of this, if you go the GPK route, you should consider changing the name from "Body Brawlers" to "Bawdy Brawlers"! :)

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Thanks - that is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for! I was envisioning the first two series to be body parts from Mauro (the good wrestler), and then I could possibly branch off to parts from Nolistis (the warlock) that are more twisted and black, or possibly switch to some bone-inspired guys, like a rib cage character. I have showed these to some of my kids friends, and they all immediately wanted a set, so I am thinking of marketing them to both kids and adults. Plus since I will be selling them in the toy store, I wouldn't want to have anything too inappropriate, since we have lots of customers who are parents who shop with their kids. I like the name idea!

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Very cool Luke. Please, no genitalia. sick.gif That said, I could have sculpted the kidney stone figure for you since I have had 5 or 6 of them. I look forward to seeing the brain and or eyeball. Cool concept.

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I'm pretty simple when it comes to these sized/type figures... make them available in a Glow in the Dark version.

I just saw OMFG series 2 is available in GiTD, need to pick that up.

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The Corpuscle Corps :

Hard sole.

Hand Ninja.

Foot soldier.

Hell bow .......archer.

Herr Kutz

Herr Comba

General Colon Powell

Private Parts

Corporal Corpse

Sergeant Atarms

General Health

,,,,,,,,,,I would have included 'Dire Ear' in the Corps but he has now been discharged .

Needless to say Luke eye think you're onto something ear.

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