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The New Children of Oberon:

Backstory and Information:

Avalon was the land of the Fair Folk. It was ruled over by Queen Mab who was the first ruler of the land. The land was home of the Third Race, which is what the magical & mythical beings called themselves. Apparently this island could only be entered from the magical realm thus it is hidden from traditional three dimensional means.

Queen Mab was not a well like ruler and one day her son, Oberon overthrew her from the seat of power and took control of the Third Race.
They then became known as the Children of Oberon. They were not all biologically related but they were all linked in the realm of magic and myth. The Third Race consisted of beings that were worshipped as Gods in many of the world’s religions. The Gods of Greece and Rome, The Gods of Egypt, The God of Norse Mythology, as well as those entities worshipped by the ancient Native Americans in North America were all members of this Third Race.

The Awakening of Oberon and his children:

Archeology Student Preston Owens was in England with his professor, Dr. Robert Mabe, looking for links to the mythical island known as Avalon. Dr. Mabe was doing extensive research at the Oxford Library and sent Owens to a site that was referenced in some report that he read. Owens charted a boat to head to the coordinates that were off the coast near the Isle of Man. The water started getting rough and the sky got cloudy as they approached the coordinates.
A mysterious image of a man appeared in front of the boat and spoke to Owens and the crew. This mysterious man said “I am resurrecting my race and we will take human form and live amongst them and soon we will rule the planet.
You have been selected to help find humans to take our life forces and let us be reborn.” And with that the boat’s crew was obliterated and Owens was lifted out of the boat and pulled to the mysterious man. Owens noticed that the boat then sunk in the turbulent waters and a glowing of golden light was just under the water’s surface. The image of the mysterious man disappeared and the glowing golden light emerged from the water as an island and Owens landed upon this island. As Owens’ feet hit the ground he was possessed by the life force of Puck, Oberon’s personal servant.


Puck, then received a satchel which contained concentrated life forces for the rest of Oberon’s Children except the Lady of the Lake. Puck then took flight to go back to Dr. Mabe to free Oberon’s life force into his body. As Puck lifted off the island the life force of the Lady of the Lake arose and pushed the island back under the water and took off to America to find her new host body.

Once Puck (Owens) got to Professor Mabe, he had apparently retired to his room. Puck used his magic to impersonate a maid from the hotel and entered his room. To his surprise, Professor Mabe was not asleep but in the shower so Puck opened the satchel and let out Oberon’s life force. Oberon’s life force floated around the room and then zoomed into the bathroom and possessed Professor Mabe as he was showering. Once the possession was complete Puck felt
his powers grow and he returned to his human form of Owens. Oberon was instantly dried off and clothed in his armor. He was now immortal and did not need the armor but he liked the way it felt. He walked into his front room where Puck was and told him to resume his appearance so Puck took on a new form to help with Oberon’s plans.

Then Oberon told Puck to open the satchel and let the remaining life forces free to find whomever they felt was worthy of becoming their new hosts. Then Puck opened the satchel and the life forces took flight and went off in all directions.


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The New Children of Oberon (Continued)

Just as Puck was in possession of his new body, a large life force arose from the island and took flight off over the Atlantic Ocean headed directly for America. As it hit the halfway point it separated into three equal and individul life forces. Then yet another life force emerged and took off in the direction of Australia.

The three life forces that headed to America went on to find Dr. Mabe’s triplet daughters. Lucinda, was the eldest of the triplets. She was very interested in history and how it was being repeated with predictable cycles in human culture. She was always interested in her father's work but did not want to do digging so she took to texts and compared the view points of history from culture to culture and religion to religion. She was very close to her sisters and they always spent as much of their downtime together. They last took spring break together and went to Australia to see their mother.

They were each possessed in order of their birth.

First, Lucinda Mabe was the eldest (born at 3:00 AM on the 3rd of March) was studying history at Yale when she was possessed at 3:00 AM on the 3rd of June by Luna, the sister of Fate. She was possessed by Luna merely because she was a strong mind with lots of historical knowledge and thus had an untapped talent to view the future of anyone she saw as well as the ability to influence their future if she saw fit.


Next, Phoebe Mabe (born at 3:03 AM) was studying dance at Juilliard when she was possessed at 3:03 AM by Phoebe, the sister of Grace. Phoebe was possessed by Phoebe beause she was already a balance of one's physical grace but also of one's spiritual grace. She has compassion and forgiveness and helps keep her sisters in order and acting within reason. She was the peacekeeper in her family.


Finally, Selina Mabe (born at 3:06 AM) was studying Military Strategy at West Point when she was possessed at 3:06 AM by Selene, the sister of vengeance. Selina was the youngest of the triplets and was very orderly and on her way to becoming an officer in the US Army. She was a great leader in her unit. She was possessed by Selene becasue she was very direct and she really liked standing up for her family, especially her sisters. She was one who dished out discipline and seeked out vengeance when she could do it because she always held a grudge against those that caused her harm or harm to her family.


The life force that headed to Australia was that of Titania, Oberon’s wife. This life force sought out to find Ms. Tatiana Mabe, who was Professor Mabe’s ex-wife.
The life force found Tatiana at the beach with her new romantic interest, Dr. Niles Naught. They were on his private beach enjoying the water when the life force took control of Tatiana and then she rejected Dr. Naught and used her magic to wipe his memory of their relationship and that of his fortune and sent him to the slum to await his unknown future. Titania then used the memories that Tatiana had and took to impersonating her body’s life as she waited for her husband, Oberon, to call her to his side.


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I can't wait to see Coyote and Raven. I'm also wondering which mythical character your Grandmother custom will be based on considering the plethora of myths you're drawing from.

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I will be reposting images in the next day or so as I had reworked a couple of minor issues.

I am going to attempt a reworking of my Puck figure as I was given some new ideas by Prowlar.

I will upload my new images to my photobucket soon then insert them in my posts as soon as I can.

Thank you!

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The Twisted Land of Oz (inspired by both Prowlar & the tv series "Once Upon A Time")

The Land of Oz as a great and wonderful place to be before Regina (the evil queen) visited there and altered it and then left it in ruins.

The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz was once a young man named Oscar, who really did not have much skill nor did he have any actual magical powers.

However, he met a young woman who somehow found herself in Oz. This young woman was about to be married to a king but somehow got pulled into the realm of Oz.

Oscar helped this young woman out of the kindness and goodness in his heart. He escorted her to the Emerald City and she was touched by his selfless actions, so she enchanted him with the gift of magic and thus actually helped him get the position as the Wizard of Oz. The young woman was actually enjoying the company of Oscar but he was merely helping the young woman on his own journey to reach the Emerald City. Oscar asked the young woman if there was anything else he could assist her as he was about to finish his business and would be returning to his town to collect his beloved fiancee and help her move to the city.

The young woman then felt betrayed and attempted to remove the enchantment she placed on Oscar; however, it did not work. What this young woman did was make him more powerful and thus he banished her from his sight. The witnesses in the Emerald City immediately placed Oscar in the role of the Wizard of Oz.


Once the young woman was removed from the city, she started out to find this town where Oscar's fiancee was waiting for him. After a little while she found the town and Oscar's fiancee. They young woman told the fiancee that it was over between her and Oscar. The young woman then explained to the fiancee that she was to be wed to Oscar and become his Sorceress and rule the land of Oz at his side. This made the fiancee very angry and she then stormed out of town and disappeared. The young woman then headed for the west and found a castle guarded by an army.


The west was the land of the Winkies and the castle was the home of the Winkie monarch. The monarch was in poor health and was close to death. This young woman requested an audiance with the failing monarch. She was granted a brief audiance. Upon entering the royal bed chambers, the young woman saw a very fragile elderly woman in a meek bed. The young woman offered the queen the ability to rule the land and be young forever in exchange for lands to the east for her to rule and control as she saw fit. The Winkie Queen was more than willing because she felt she did not have much time and that the offer would somehow not work. After a small enchantation, the young woman asked the Winkie Queen to raise up out of the bed and look in the mirror. The Queen looked in the mirror and found a youthful body looking back only that her skin was now blue and her hair was green. The young woman explained that all magic comes with a price, but she would never age nor have to worry about the lands in the east. The Queen was committed to keeping her promise and used her powers to turn the lands to the east over to this young woman. The young woman then cast a spell to make the queen a wicked woman, thus the creatation of the Wicked Witch of the West. (image coming soon)

But this young woman then entered the lands in the east. These lands were very wooded much like the enchanted forest from where the young woman was from. She entered a small clearing to see a young woodsman chopping trees and gathering wood, so she rendered herself invisible to observe. This young woodsman was very attractive and she thought that he would be a suitible husband if she was to be stranded in this land. She continued to observe the young woodsman at work then followed him back to his house where there was this young woman waiting for him. It turns out it was Oscar's fiancee. She was only going to marry Oscar to get out of the town but she secretly was deeply in love with the young woodsman. Out of sheer anger, the young woman revealed herself in visible form only this time she took the form of the Winkie Queen and told the young woodsman that because he loved a woman who would never be true she would remove his heart and make him live forever without any emotions and forever having to chop wood and live in the forest. She reached in his chest and pulled out his beating heart and placed it in a pouch she had.


The young fiancee grew very angry and wanted to have the Winkie Queen killed. She took off to go to her father and have him place a bounty on the Winkie Queen's head. What her father then told her was that she was adopted and the Winkie Queen was her sister. The news made the fiancee very irrate and she then manifested her own powers and took on a new appearance. (image coming soon)

Meanwhile the young woman from the enchanted forest was running toward the Emerald City and crossed paths with a hunter and a cowardly lion whom the hunter was stalking. The young woman cast a spell and merged the cowardly lion with the hunter and thus made a man who hunted those that showed fear or cowardness.


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Hey, our local professional basketball team is headed for the playoffs of their league so I made two minimates to show my support.


This it my first design and I have him with a keychain attachment so I could maybe clip him to my t-shirt the night of the game.


This is my second design to show more of the team's colors on the front of the mate rather than on the side.

Then I really like our local professional baseball team so I made two mates for them.

Cornbelters1_zpse62f5aa5.jpg 2e29a80d-4649-4397-ac73-194c9fe4e3d1_zps

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I think for the Enterpise crew, a Sharpie should do fine over the yellow stripes, or else masking tape and paint for straight lines, since the stripes are the only difference. And for Hoshi, she was never that well-endowed, so I don't think it'll be that bad not to have a specific female chest block.

I love your take on T'Pol. The XMFC White Queen is an inspied choice!

Remembe, the IM3 Iron Patriot come with an extra African American head, but it does have the hole in the top, so if you're okay with that then maybe he's good for a Mayweather custom? Otherwise 2 cheap alternatives are the T2 Miles Dyson or 24 President Palmer - both plentiful and cheap - try Lukes or the trade board.

My biggest disappointment is that Archer comes with the Xindi instead of a more custom-friendly parts source, like Shran! I'm buying multiple Archers myself, and having extra parts like Andorian hairpieces would have served me well! I don't know what I'm going to do with all those multiple Xindi's :(

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Here are images of my Illinois State University Themed Customs


ISU Redbird Battalion Patch Minimate


ISU Seal Minimate


ISU Reggie Redbird Head minimate


ISU Logo Minimate

I may have more coming in the future but I have to get more parts to make them. I wish I could find a couple of red blank minimates (non-transparent).

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Enterprise Customs to go with Archer:


Ensign Travis Mayweather, Lt. Malcolm Reed, Cmdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker, T'Pol, and Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Basic customs: merely head and hand swap for Mayweather. Reed, Trip and Hoshi are also all head swaps. T'Pol is a head swap on the Xmen First Class's Emma Frost's body.

Mayweather's face is from either Miles Dyson or the guy from 24 and the hair is from the other.

Trip's face is Ben Grimm's face and someone else's hair. Reed's face is a spare face I had and I think a BSG hairpeice. Sato is a Mirage face and a Gwen Stacy hairpeice painted black. T'Pol is a Sif face and a Frodo hairpeice.

Of course I have painted the yellow detail on Trip and Reed's uniforms red and on Hoshi Sato's I painted it a teal-blue.

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I have a few customs that I made thanks in part to Luke. He sent me some decals and I went to work to make customs.

Data, Crusher and LaForge from First Contact and Battle-Ravaged Khan from TWOK.



Battle-Ravaged Khan from the Wrath of Khan


I now have Riker, Picard, Dr. Crusher, LaForge and Data from First Contact along with the QC's of Picard in the captain's vest in his tux from the holodeck.

I am hoping to one day make either Tuvok or Harry Kim from Voyager and I have an idea for making a Worf minmate but I will have to wait to work on it as I am booked all next week and my free time will be spent on the road.

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I am sorry I fell short of some of my promised postings. I got busy with life and have been unable to retool my custom ideas nor add any updates on my list. I will do so as soon as I can. But this may likely not happen until winter.

What I have in the works: 1) Witches from my Twist on the Wizard of Oz, 2) Oberon's Children and getting that line finished up (Anubus, Hades, Odin, Naught, Medusa, Raven, Coyote, Anansi, Banshee, Grandmother, Lady of the Lake and I think a few others), 3) Star Trek minimates-new images and touched up a little, 4) Once Upon A Time updates and maybe some Revolution updates as well. 5) I am now working on a version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse but having trouble deciding if I should use Conquest or Pestilence as one of the members. Famine is not coming easy for me either. Anyway they are in the works.

Again, I am sorry I have not shared more lately but have been busy with yard work, tending to family members needing assistance, vacation, my job and supporting my wife as she is getting prepared to run her first 1/2 marathon in December in Florida.

Thank you.

Edited by Captain Paco

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Okay, I had squeezed in two quick customs this weekend. They are Marvel Minimates. I really liked the images of the Phoenix Five. I have the three that were made: Colossus, Emma Frost and Cyclops but really wanted a complete team. So I made Phoenix Namor which there is a little more to do for him to be complete but he is a quick custom at this point. I also made Phoenix Magik: she is a painted custom with some liberties in design.

]Phoenix Force Namor


Phoenix Force Magik


I also added a few accessories to Cyclops based upon some images I have seen.


Here is the whole group in no special order.


I hope you like them.

I will be working on my Once Upon A Time customs as well as my Children of Oberon as soon as I can but life is busy currenly and not much time for as much work as I need to do on some of my customs. Thank you for your patience.


Edited by Captain Paco

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Robby, Thank you for the response. I am sure I will one day paint the red on his arms and legs but for now I am pleased with how he looks just from what I have done.

I do hope to one day actually read the comics about the Phoenix Force (Avengers vs. X-men).

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New Children of Oberon (continued)


Niles Naught was the new boyfriend of Tatiana Mabe after she divorced Professor Mabe. One the lifeforce of Titania took possession of Tatiana and erased the memory of Niles, he was cast out and practially became a nobody. He had no more belongings, no more fortune, no more emotions or anything. After he was sent to the slums of life, the ancient life force of Nought took possession of his body and thus gave him new life as one of the Children of Oberon. Not much is known about this mysterious gentlemen other than he was last with his kind during the last grand gathering and then all the lifeforces of Oberon's kind went dormant until the right time to revive themselves and bring magic back to the world.


Another ancient lifeform found a spider in Northern African and transformed this tiny beast into Anansi. This spider will soon be up to no good getting the beings in the city that once his anicent home to resume his bidding.


The life force that was once worshiped as a King of Gods, also found a being to possess and thus Odin returned to life. Odin found a veteran soldier who was left for dead on the battlefield of the war against terror. This soldier had been injured in the face as a car bomb took his eye. Odin's life force felt this was the best body for him to possess. Odin was once the king of the Norse Gods and they were not merely gods but warriors as well. In his new body, Odin will seek out to recreate his kingdom while still serving the needs of Oberon.


One of the scariest being from ancient myth was someone who was once very beautiful until she cause disgrace to the queen of the Olympic Gods. Medusa was a beautiful woman who managed to seduce Poseiden, god of the seas, in Hera's temple. When Hera discovered what happend, she caused Medusa to become a monster who was ugly and whose look could cause mortal man to become petrified into stone if that mortal looked upon her eyes. Medusa was also transformed into half snake/half woman who traditionally had serpents for hair. As this transformation happend, Medusa became a child of Oberon and thus had been given the ability to transform her hair from serpents to flowing hair that still acted like serpents.


Two other life forces also took possession of human bodies.

Raven was a mischeivious being who would use snide remarks and deceit to obtain his goals.


Coyote was a trickster who outwitted his opponents but also liked to make wisecracks. He was benevolent at heart. He would work subtly, often through manipulation making occurrences seem like they happened as coincidence rather than as magical intervention.


(The Green Knight is still a work in progress but look for a posting of Queen Mab and Morgan le Fay.)

Edited by Captain Paco

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New Children of Oberon (continued)

One of the most ancient life forces that has been revived from all this activity found itself traveling to a remote town in Minnesota. This small town had 19 lakes within it as well as almost 60 lakes in the immediate area surrounding the town. There was a family in this town that was experiencing some negative effects. Laura Lake was a mother, sister, daughter and wife and lived in this town all her life. She was married to Oliver Lake and had three children with him. Oliver was not the best of husbands and he often would not be home for meals and for that matter spent little time at home if any. He worked as an developer with a large firm in the city and was constantly working late and gone on business trips. Well as things would go, he was also a very abusive man when he was home and thus constantly assulted his wife, but he never touched the children (in fact he never even held his children ever.) One day, Laura got a call from someone at Oliver's office looking for him as he said he was going home. Laura was surprised as he told her he was going out of town for work. Laura just figured it was a miscommunication and didn't think twice about it. About a month later, Oliver showed up at home and he was drunk. He told Laura that she was worthless and started hitting her. The children just happened to be at her parents' home so they were not going to witness what was to happen. Oliver started to really cause pain to Laura and she was now on the verge of death. He threw her in the back of their pick-up and drove her about a mile away to the lake known as Purple Abyss. This lake had a purple color to the water and no one knew why, no one has ever found anything lost in this lake. So Oliver took the very battered Laura to this lake and took her out on a boat to throw her overboard. Just as Oliver was about to give the final push to drop Laura in the lake, the water lit up and blinded him. As Laura was knocked out of the boat because Oliver fell against her, she was possessed by the most ancient life force. As Laura's body hit the water she became one with the water and her physical body became water. She became the Lady of the Lake. Her body took on the color of the Purple Abyss and she was given the abilities to control liquid water. She momentarily appeared to Oliver as he started to confess his sins. She used her water powers to somehow transport Oliver to the Police Station, where he was confessing to his crimes against Laura as well as several affairs he had while married to her and then finally he said she was dropped in the Purple Abyss. Because of the statement of dropping her in the Purple Abyss, the Police would not risk looking for her, so her new life as the Lady of the Lake could really become a new life.


Another life force went to Paris, France and found a street girl who was always getting into trouble with the Johns she was pimped out to. Brandi was a run-away from New York who managed somehow to get to Paris, France. She started a new life for herself as a student at an American college in France. She took on a new name and arranged for financial aid and a work study program to cover her expenses. However, one day a professor offered her extra credit that was too much for her to handle and she refused his advances. She then got kicked out of school and became homeless. She was found by a gentleman who took in homeless people, but then she discovered that he made them sell their bodies to make money. This gentleman took 50% of their earnings which he claimed was to provide them with meals and a place to sleep. One day, she was sent out on a job and it turned out the client was the professor that got her kicked out of school. She refused to be with the professor and took off running to find out that the gentleman who took care of her actually had a gang of guys take her and do thing indescribable to her. However she was on the verge of death and the life force possessed her body making her over into Banshee. Now she had a voice that could kill as well as a body to attract all sorts of trouble. Banshee was once silenced by Oberon, but when the life forces all went dorment, the silencing was stopped. So in her new form she could use her voice as the weapon it is. She caused all the guys of this gang to go deaf and crazy, but she knew killing them was too much. She then did the same to the professor and the gentleman who pimped her out. She then used her abilities to find a place where she fit into the world and became a pop-star where she could hide until needed by Oberon.


The life force that headed for the Northwestern United States was almost as ancient as that of the Lady of the Lake. This life force took the form of a thunderbird and soared around the skies of the Northwestern United States, looking for the one that could become its new host. The force was really watching this one woman, she was an elderly Native American woman who was sort of the hub of a tribe of Native Americans that still called the area home. She was a source for traditions, customs, as well as a spiritual leader and guide. She was very well respected by the tribe and well loved by all who knew her. Loving Mother was her name as even as a child she was so loving with everyone and everything in nature. She was now on her death bed and her aide was limiting those that could visit. Loving Mother was about to give-in to her age, she was 104 years old and yet still had a sparkle in her eye as if she was 20 years old. The force easiliy took possession of Loving Mother just as she took her last breathe. Loving Mother's aide was standing next to Loving Mother and felt her life force leave her body and a new force take over. The aide also noticed that Loving Mother appeared to become younger say that of a 40 year old woman, and then her eyes opened. The aide was shocked and then heard Loving Mother say that she was to be called Grandmother from this day foward. Grandmother would continue to live as Loving Mother did. She would remain with the tribe and keep her position in the way of things.


(I am still working on Queen Mab, Morgan le Fay, The Green Knight and Anubis.)

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New Children of Oberon (Continued...)


The life force that was to become the new power of Anubis found a down on his luck animal control officer in San Francisco.

The life force took control of the young man just as he was falling asleep in his apartment that he was to be evicted from the next day.

Anubis is now a responsible "death-god". In his first embodiment as in this one, he takes his powers seriously. He refuses to bring people back to life because he feels it would show favortism. He is strongly connected with death, in fact he was once magically emprisoned by a foe and nobody on Earth was able to die while he was trapped. His new embodiment will allow him to once again become the guardian and judge of the dead.


(I have finished my Morgan le Fay and Queen Mab so see a recent posting for images. I just updated my Anubis so I updated the image here. I also will be posting a few works in progress namely the Green Knight and a couple of Round Table Knights.)

Edited by Captain Paco

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I also have some images of other customs I came up with so I am going to share them.

Quantum Leap was on of my favorite non-Star Trek television shows.


So here is a quick custom of Sam and Al.

I am working on more Sams and I will be working on a different suit for Al but for my timing this was the best looking idea I had.

Also here are two Battle Beasts I came up with.

Grizzly the Bear


Grizzly is the leader of the clan of bears that protect the Black Forest and keep out those that would attempt to seize power from the mystical caverns within.

Mambo the Black Mamba


Mambo is the leader of his clan and works to keep his clan free from the negative doing of the othe clans of serpent beasts. While he looks sinister, he is really a great being who looks out for the the other members of his clan.

(Mambo is really a rattlesnake repainted and then I changed his wrist guards with the spiked wrist guard of another minimate.)

I am also working on a Gorilla like mate as well as another Ram to help out the team.

Edited by Captain Paco

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I love that Anubis. Unfortunately now I'm going to have to track down one of the Egyptian Lego sets so that I can add a jackal to my A51 customs. Grizzly and Mamba are also really well done.

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Okay, I have updated my Oberon, Odin and Anubis images in their posts. So please go back to see the updates.

I do not think I every posted Merlin, so here is my updated Merlin: (However, I have since updated him and will share as soon as I can.)


I have not written the stories yet for Merlin or the next characters but I want to share them with you now anyway.

Morgan le Fay (this image is now not what I have finalized the character to be - new image will be posted as soon as I can.)


Queen Mab (this image is no longer what I have finalized her as in my set - new image will be posted as soon as I can.)


And now my WIP's:

The Green Knight (he is now finished and will share as soon as I can.)


King Arthur (have done a few minor tweaks and will repost a new image as soon as I can)


Sir Lancelot (has undergone some modifications and will be reposted as soon as I can.)


I know of what the stories are going to be but I just have not written them as of yet.

I also have this unknown character I put together form the random parts I had been toying with as I worked on the above mates.

If any of you have any ideas for a name or what I could do with him, I would appreciate your input as I like the looks of him but don't know how to make him fit, but I may make a Black Knight and use the face for that character? (This character has been used for parts to make other characters. I used the head for my Black Knight, the blue hairpiece is not on my Lady of the Lake figure and I have tried to use the other parts as a different knight.)


I hope you all like my work and I look forward to posting the completion of my Twisted Land of Oz mates soon. I finally have decided upon my four witches but also working on a tweaking them some.

Thank you for letting me share with all of you.

Edited by Captain Paco

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I will be reposting my Green Knight as I have finally finished him.

The one I previously posted was merely a WIP.

I have also made some modifications to my Sir Lancelot and will repost him as well.

Now I only have one more of Oberon's Children to make: The Cyclops but I have to wait for the right parts to come along.

I know I still have to get the pictures taken and posted of the Twisted Land of Oz mates that I promised but life it just in the way right now.

Also, I was inspired by Prowlar yet again, and I am working on my own custom Deadpool The Kid. Again needing a few more parts and the use of a dremel to trim some parts and then paint.

Have a nice weekend.

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Okay, I am constantly torn away from my hobby by life.

On December 20th my wife and I started our Holiday Break from our jobs and spent a lot of time with family and traveling. Thus I was not home to get a lot done for my minimates.

I did get to shop some over my traveling and while we were in Panama City, Florida and Stewart, Florida I got to stop at a TRU in each town. In Panama City, I could only find TWD minimates and so I got three packages mainly for parts fodder as I already had all the mates already. Then in Stewart, I found some very cheap mates. I got Odin & Loki from the first Thor movie for only one cent. I didn't really need them but I can always use their parts.

I also got Col. Rhodes & a Hammer Drone for 80 cents and a Hydra Flame-thrower & Gabe Jones for for 40 cents. Then I got the only two sets I found for $5.58 (one was Zola & Cap and Armored Thor & Beta Ray Bill.)

I have been working on a Black Knight and a few Knights for my King Arthur to go around his Round Table. I am getting a lot of Arthur head as I keep ordering that mate for use of his knight theme parts. Not sure if every knight will have a helmet as I know Sir Lancelot will not. But I hope to have at least twelve knights when I am done.

I will also work on getting more pictures of my customs posted as I have promised before, but I will work on it before end of January. (As you can see I did not get my pictures up by the end of January. Life it keeping me busy. However, I have been working on custom knights and so I hope to next week get pictures shot and posted next week. -2/19/14 I am reworking my Witches from my version of Oz, I have made a custom for the current contest that needs to be posted and I have also made a M-113 Salt Vampire from Star Trek thanks to Linny's decal design. I also hope to do a group shot of my Children of Oberon customs as well as updated images of them individually.)

Thank you.

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