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Walking Dead Minimates!


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I picked up the Carl, Douglas and guard-duty Michonne sets yesterday. I'm moving tomorrow, so I packed them with my mancave stuff and told myself the reward for getting all moved in will be opening them. Knowing they're there and not opened is tearing me apart, LOL.

Also, I don't recall seeing that Rosita somehow. Looks awesome, as does Gabriel. Can't wait for those.

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Kinda wasted slots I would have preferred a number of other figs.

To be fair, DST was anticipating a corresponding TRU wave with additional new characters (we saw them at C2E2), but those were bumped to Wave 7.
Maybe that came off a tad harsh or rude I didn't mean it like that. Just like we have so many michonnes and still not a devinitive Andrea considering she's one of the top 3 characters Edited by Roccothegreat
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So, is TRU done done with these?

A TWD fan and employee at my TRU said she had yet to see the latest Mcfarlaine TWD figures show up in the TRU system too.

Do we blame Mcfarlaine? Could they have pushed DST out of TRU?

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I get the feeling Gabriel and Rosita missed a narrow window of release. Hopefully they'll show up in a box set. IN FULL COLOR.

I'm with you, think they have missed their shot and will never now see release.

Once again... TRU sucks!

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