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  1. I haven't seen any designs from the movie that I thought were superior, or even as good, as the comic versions DST can already make.
  2. Outside of a new title on the box, what would the movie really give us anyway? We've had the main characters multiple times in both comic and animated formats. I know there are some costume differences but I don't see much appealing there, I'm not really in the market for a fat loser Spider-Man. On the other hand at least Far From Home would have had at minimum a boxset worth of figures that gave us something a bit fresh.
  3. It's not unusual for minimates at an event to be put together slightly incorrectly so it's possible Guido's chest block is further down than it should be anyway. Too bad Wolfsbane doesn't have Wolf Man hands and feet. I guess that's in keeping with the other Marvel wolf and cat people.
  4. Since they look so similar to the ubiquitous ML pieces they didn't even register as new at first. They do look pretty cool.
  5. One of the things that's kept me interested in minimates over the years it the possibility of getting stuff that doesn't fit into other lines, like scene-specific minimates and unmasked or depowered looks. Iceman is a perfect example of this, unfortunately the only version of Bobby they've made like this is probably the least popular one they could pick.
  6. Almost as much fun as posting wish lists in the wish list thread. I think most people have something like the ML Stan Lee in mind, or the recently canceled BAF, or of course the MCU appearances. But obviously there's been lots of Stan Lee product that wasn't related to Marvel, like Standor or all of those Pops. If DST was interested in this (and I doubt they are) it unfortunately seems a little late now that Stan is gone. A few years ago was the perfect time, now it might come across like trying to cash in.
  7. I'm pretty sure all releases have to be approved by Marvel, it's not like DST can just do whatever they want.
  8. I'm aware of that so perhaps likeness was the wrong word, I do remember Zach saying something to the effect of they couldn't just throw him into a movie wave where he made a cameo because of license issues.
  9. I think it's been said in the past that Stan's likeness wasn't included in the movie licenses.
  10. Ferro I understand, Bishop is the one that really stands out since DST chose to make a version from a single scene instead of how he appeared in most of the movie and there were plenty of slots where he could have fit in.
  11. The last Madrox was released nine years ago, at that time we weren't even getting stands with minimates. DST upped their game with accessories since then which I think is a large part of the reason there's still a line to collect. It was a pain to army build last time even with two in the wave. I'm not sure how much of a difference the Angel debacle made there.
  12. Well, Strong Guy is not the character that I'd sacrifice from this lineup, it's not like he has to be the build-a-figure.
  13. Which has always been part of my concern about the build-a-figure concept. An extra head or two should be a minimum expectation for a minimate Madrox, even Hasbro knows it's important to selling the character. If the build-a-figure means we're getting worse minimates I'm not sure the extra character is worth it.
  14. I just hope people remember that sentiment the next time similar things are said about comic or animated waves. People seem to get a little testy then. I've heard that sentiment before and while I understand it for children I really don't get it for adults. I don't care about the colors in X-Factor's costumes, I care that I had X-Factor #81 as a kid and loved that story (By the way, we totally need Cyber, he wouldn't even need new parts). Getting one step closer to finishing out the 90s major mutants is also a draw. I bought seven Madrox minimates the last time he was made and three when ML made this same costume (though they were nice enough to include extra heads) so I would definitely be up for easier ways to acquire more of him. That's probably not going to happen so I hope he's packed with someone I don't mind having extra of.
  15. Wow, this place is thick with hate for movie waves. I'm holding judgement for just how awesome this wave is until we get confirmation on exactly what extra parts are included. Since we've never had a cosmic wave I'd be really surprised if that was the next theme.
  16. Well, the team did have an awful lot of looks so it's surprisingly easy to make multiple versions. For Havok's team I'm going to have to come up with a recipe for Val Cooper.
  17. Well, people largely missed the point of the thread anyway so I guess it's not too surprising. Daredevil #182 would work even if it would be kind of similar to Kraven's Last Hunt Spidey.
  18. Good point, he was often without the trench coat. I'm afraid the build-a-minimate makes it less likely.
  19. Marvelous News has pics up now:
  20. I'm not too disappointed in Iceman not being in the lineup because I figure the original X-Men are just there to pad out the lineup. I do think we're more than due for an Iceman that would go with the 90s X-Men that isn't 15 years old. Also, if all the accessories are shown in that picture it would mean no extra heads for Madrox. That would be disappointing.
  21. I lost the fight against that temptation a little over a year ago. ML is just killing it on character selection, a lot of the figures are excellent, and many of them are getting cool little extras that you used to only be able to get with minimates.
  22. I pictured Strong Guy with bulked-up lower arms too but I suppose regular ones could be a reasonable interpretation of the art. His face is perfect. The rest of the team look awfully good. I suppose Cyclops, Jean, Archangel, and Beast are clever choices to stick with the X-Factor them. Beast and Archangel look like excellent upgrades and Cyclops and Jean are nice if not quite as impressive. Hopefully Cyclops will come with an optic blast but I'm not expecting it.
  23. Ah, only open to group members.
  24. Where on Facebook?
  25. My thoughts exactly. I'd love to get that stuff but you can't cheap out like they did with the Kenner Predators, so there's probably no chance it will happen. Unless it's a unique sculpt I'm not sure I can bring myself to buy another Xeno.
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