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  1. Wow, this place is thick with hate for movie waves. I'm holding judgement for just how awesome this wave is until we get confirmation on exactly what extra parts are included. Since we've never had a cosmic wave I'd be really surprised if that was the next theme.
  2. Well, the team did have an awful lot of looks so it's surprisingly easy to make multiple versions. For Havok's team I'm going to have to come up with a recipe for Val Cooper.
  3. Well, people largely missed the point of the thread anyway so I guess it's not too surprising. Daredevil #182 would work even if it would be kind of similar to Kraven's Last Hunt Spidey.
  4. Good point, he was often without the trench coat. I'm afraid the build-a-minimate makes it less likely.
  5. Marvelous News has pics up now:
  6. I'm not too disappointed in Iceman not being in the lineup because I figure the original X-Men are just there to pad out the lineup. I do think we're more than due for an Iceman that would go with the 90s X-Men that isn't 15 years old. Also, if all the accessories are shown in that picture it would mean no extra heads for Madrox. That would be disappointing.
  7. I lost the fight against that temptation a little over a year ago. ML is just killing it on character selection, a lot of the figures are excellent, and many of them are getting cool little extras that you used to only be able to get with minimates.
  8. I pictured Strong Guy with bulked-up lower arms too but I suppose regular ones could be a reasonable interpretation of the art. His face is perfect. The rest of the team look awfully good. I suppose Cyclops, Jean, Archangel, and Beast are clever choices to stick with the X-Factor them. Beast and Archangel look like excellent upgrades and Cyclops and Jean are nice if not quite as impressive. Hopefully Cyclops will come with an optic blast but I'm not expecting it.
  9. Ah, only open to group members.
  10. Where on Facebook?
  11. My thoughts exactly. I'd love to get that stuff but you can't cheap out like they did with the Kenner Predators, so there's probably no chance it will happen. Unless it's a unique sculpt I'm not sure I can bring myself to buy another Xeno.
  12. Or maybe just not two Blizzards.
  13. This may not exactly fit the theme but a Thing with a portal from Fantastic Four #51 ("This man... This monster!) would be pretty cool.
  14. I think that wave had issues besides no big names but it's difficult to figure out exactly how all the factors contributed.
  15. It's more than a little silly that we're advising DST how to pursue licenses.
  16. Which is kind of ridiculous really. It's weird that they started another version before finishing the first. I don't mind having both, it's just strange.
  17. I suppose technically the license would be available if DST didn't pick it up.
  18. I wasn't sure I was going to get these but after my wife offered to make a stop at Walgreens to look and the whole wave was there I felt like I should go ahead. A few thoughts: Fury & Coulson: Might as well put these together since they're basically the same figure. The likenesses are decent enough. I appreciate the extra arms and holster so that you can display both figures without jackets, unfortunately the white torsos on both figures have dark scuffs from the jackets so that hurts the display value. The prints on the ties are some of my favorite details I've seen on a minimate and it adds a lot to each figure. Captain Marvel & Starforce Captain Marvel: More mostly identical figures but no complaints since it's accurate to the source material. I've never liked the design of the hair coming through the helmet, DST has done an excellent job capturing the look though, much better than the comic version from wave 64. The costume details look great. The red clear coat on the helmet of Captain Marvel was very thick on one side of the one I got so it looks pretty bad, not sure if I can fix it or not. I like that the figures have different expressions, it's too bad that it looks like one of these heads will be repeated in the box set. Accessories feel a little light, I'd think Carol could come some sort of energy blast and given the prominence of the cat in some of the advertising and the fact that DST has a cat mold it seems like it really should have been included. Ronan: Ronan looks good, obviously the pieces are familiar. It's nice that they corrected his weapon. Korath: Korath is another nice figure though the print doesn't look quite as good since it's gray instead of silver. I like his weapons. Bron-Char: The costume details are nice but that chest piece is just lazy design, DST can do better. He feels like he needs an accessory but maybe not having an is accurate to the movie. Yon-Rogg: My favorite figure of the wave. I wish the highlights were silver instead of gray. I like the gloves and helmet a lot even if the hands are too wide to hold his pistol. I'll be curious to see exactly what the energy piece that goes with the right glove represents. None of the figures fit very well on the stands, obviously DST doesn't see this as a problem since it keeps happening. Overall, a wave with a bunch of aliens in cool costumes with some parts-swapping army building potential is worth buying even without seeing the movie. I would've swapped Att-Lass into this wave for Bron-char for better army building but I can't criticize that decision too much.
  19. I might love a 90s wave since a lot of the characters/looks I want are from that era: Avengers, New Warriors (which isn't going to happen), and even some X-stuff (mostly X-Factor and a few updates). If DST took inspiration from a crossover like Bloodties (as was just mentioned) or Galactic Storm (just read it, lots of potential characters) it could be a lot of fun but I can't help but think if they're going to the 90s then it must be all X-Men.
  20. Seriously? He's made one slightly negative comment outside of the FFH thread.
  21. Wonder Man is the only minimate from Wave 16 that hasn't been updated in the same costume. He could use it.
  22. If they're unable to make minimates for those reasons then minimates are already dead and we haven't figured it out yet.
  23. I'm sure it's too late but I've definitely sent something to Ask DST. It will be interesting to see the response.
  24. Knowing there's going to be at least one gap (and probably more, because if they'll skip Spider-Man what won't they skip?) devalues the whole MCU collection to me and I'm only missing a handful of MCU minimates. Add that to the frustration of dealing with Walgreens distribution to find new stuff anyway and it's going to be hard to muster the enthusiasm to put forth the effort.
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