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  1. Those are amazing! So jealous.
  2. I agree. That torn shirt makes me want to buy this despite passing on the others. I’m so torn. (Pun intended)
  3. Damn, seeing those together make me regret not buying this line. ☹️
  4. Based on the lineup given on page 3, no more X-Men characters coming.
  5. Dammit Luke, you’re trying to pull me in to this series of customs too, and I haven’t watched wrestling since the 80s.
  6. I second the Nuke guess. I was expecting to be able to pass on a Daredevil villain, but this will very likely be another purchase. The way things are going, I should have just bought the subscription. ?
  7. Thanks. After missing Moondragon, I won’t let it happen again!
  8. Love him!!! I’m a bit paranoid Luke, can you confirm that you received my order? Thanks.
  9. I need a Gateway to complete my Outback X-Men...will never happen. ?
  10. Dang, I was kinda hoping it was gonna be Arcade. I’m sure he’ll look awesome though. ?
  11. If anyone is unhappy with their Moondragon, I’ll gladly take her off your hands. Recent medical issues kept me out of the loop and I missed her.
  12. I'll get you Ragnarok, if you can get me wave 24.
  13. How in the hell does Menagerie have more than 10 available of each 2-pack and multiples of each individual figure available? I seriously can't stand this guy. If anyone could help me out with these for cost and shipping, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I can't get these, it might be the final nail in the coffin for my Minimates collecting.
  14. Can someone refresh my memory for me? Are any of the figures with either version of the APC and the Space Jockey exclusive characters? Thanks.
  15. Nobody wants Pig in a Poke, Sound of Music, or Italian shopping spree Griswolds from European Vacation?
  16. I'd still be very appreciative if anyone can help me with the Hot Topic exclusives. My Hot atopic is currently closed for remodel or something, and I'm having no luck on eBay. I don't have anything to trade, this would simply be me reimbursing for cost/shipping.
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