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  1. Some good calls here. For me - how about tru wave 9 Warlock. Totally nutty. Wave 21's Mark 1 Iron Man is (still) my favourite movie figure and if push comes to shove currently my best Marvel Minimate. Although tru wave 15 gave us the Nova Flame Torch which is a thing of beauty and a Transforming Thing which is a beauty of design work. So many to choose from.
  2. I'm with UK Collector and Wessex. They sum things up very well. There is a sequence after the initial credits at the end but nothing after the bulk of them. Unless of course they pull an Avengers on us and have a little bit right at the end for the US of A that we didn't see in the UK (Shawarma, anyone?)
  3. This is great news - I'll be chuffed to bits to get this set and any future releases from the 25th century. Space Vampire? Futuristic Disco Buck? I'm there!
  4. I would be stunned if there isn't a custom made set of those four guys. An official four pack would of course find a place both in my heart and my home. And how about a two pack from the Hulk tv show featuring the Lou Ferrigno incarnation and Thor with the sheepskin shoulder pads?
  5. I'm disappointed with the lack of figures forthcoming from the Trek line, but can understand if production has slowed down due to sales - it is a business. My favourite line of all, the Universal Monsters was canned due to this but I'm just grateful that the powers that be gave it a go and we ended up with the figures we did. I still love the Marvel - especially, contrary to popular opinion those. movie based lines and the Walking Dead and still dream of the day that we will see the return of the DC 'mates The 'new' license due up that excites me most is Aliens but I will be dipping my toe into the Clerks, Sin City and Tarantino lines as there are some great looking dudes there. If you take a visit to any shop where I live (the UK) and take a gander at the masses of different boxes of different properties then blind bagged figures seems to be the way most retailers want this type of small scale relatively inexpensive action figure - personally I don't like them but at the very least I hope to be buying a few Turtles and Mass Effect if possible to check them out. I'm not sure how the announcement of new retailers will directly effect me due to my living outside of the USA, whether it will make the 'mates easier or more difficult to obtain remains to be seen. The Luke's Toy Store exclusive is a great idea and I hope to support this excellent retailer with a few purchases of the set.
  6. I'm not overly keen on several of the minimated properties like Pathfinder, Plants vs. Zombies and Thundercats. But I also wasn't keen on the idea of Halo or Tomb Raider but did end up buying a fair few of each when I finally got to see them due to the pure beauty of the things - there are some truly stunning 'mates there! So I am obviously open to persuasion. I would very much like to see more DC, Trek and Universal Monsters. Yes,I am a wide eyed dreamer.
  7. This is a great set - Days of Future Past is one of my favourite American comicbook stories of all time - yes, it's right up there with Iron Man 150. So I'll hopefully be picking up at least a couple of these, probably from your good self, Luke. As for the extra Wolverines - luckily I'm not short of people to pass spare 'mates on to - so they will certainly go to good homes. And I like the B&W Walking Dead set too, just not quite as much.
  8. I love minimates because of the intelligent artistry of both design and graphics that seem to transcend the inherent limitations of the basic form. I also love the way that you can have Captain Kirk, Ambush Bug and Silent Bob teaming up to beat up on the Universal Monsters!
  9. It sure was, winkerbean - and some of those cameos were indeed amazing. I think my mind was blown. 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' was a great surprise after seeing the 50th at the cinema the night before. It's been a rather good week for the old Who.
  10. Cool review, GL - the Universal Monsters line is my favourite, although I would dispute your harsh judgement of Mina and Van Helsing as 'boring'. The fact that they produced figures like these endears me to the range even more, but that's just the kind of guy I am I suppose - I do think that I know where you're coming from however as admittedly they aren't as jaw-droppingly striking as the Glow in the Dark Creature or that Ghost Rider with translucent blue flame effects. Happy Halloween.
  11. I'm late to the party, chaps but here's my 10: Warlock (TRU Marvel Wave 9) - superb design and beautiful detail work make this a unique figure in the line. Deadpool (Marvel Wave 28) - as others have said, this figure comes with an abundance of extras especially the extra 'winking' head that knock it right out of the park. Glow in the Dark Creature from the Black Lagoon (TRU UM Wave 1) - I love the Universal Monsters (so much so that this list could easily be made up entirely from that line) and I love glow in the dark figures so this figure is Minimate heaven for me. Ambush Bug (DC Wave 7) - a favourite character. I cannot believe that we got a figure of the Bug and the expression on his little face just captures the goofy essence of him. Dr. Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters Box Set 1) - great figure - the proton packs are magnificent. Stealth Iron Man (TRU Wave 1) - superb non-movie movie variant! Great looking, as are all the Film based IM figures but this one gets the nod thanks to the piercing red eyes glaring at you through that dark metalic blue visor. Cylon Centurion (BG Wave 1) - figures from my favourite tv show - how will they handle the tricky job of transferring the look of those new Cylons into the Minimate form? Just fine, my friends, just fine. Officer Rick Grimes (WD Wave 1) - I love the way that thanks to the inclusion of extra pieces you can have two totally different looks for a character - I know it's been done many times before and after but this is my favourite example. More of this sort of thing! Ghost Rider (Marvel Wave 50) - translucent flaming blue fire effects. That is all. Herald Silver Surfer (TRU Marvel Wave 15) - lovely example of the classic, no frills minimate complete with board and a cosmic portal from which said classic, no frills minimate and board can spectacularly emerge. This list could be entirely different tomorrow - there are just that many truly great figures.
  12. Lobsterman, I actually got into the Minimates through my son's interest in them. He had a liking of comics and the related films associated with them (probably in large part thanks to me) so when I saw the first series of Marvel 'mates on a market stall they were cute and inexpensive and reckoned that they would make pretty sweet stocking fillers for him at Christmas. Of course he loved them and as the line expanded it would become our fortnightly ritual to have a trip to the nearest comic shop (or 'geek' shop as we affectionately know them), and check out the latest issue of 'Toyfare' over Hot Chocolate in a nearby cafe and snap up any 'mates figures that were available. Happy days, my friend, very happy days indeed. Over the years of course he got older he started college, developed a very healthy social life, met a lovely girl and became more active in gaming his interest in the line waned and that's where I come in - through playing with the Minimates figures with him I developed an appreciation of the design and artistry they contained and missed the regular plastic 'fix' of looking over the latest releases with him. And then they decided to go with Galactica and then Universal Monsters - well I've always been a huge science fiction/classic horror film fan so this was just the ultimate for me and I've been trying to keep up with selected lines ever since. And much as I like the darned things if he ever rekindles his love for them then he can just have them all. He'll get them when I kick the bucket anyway. As a few of the other fellas have posted, personally I am very low maintenance - don't drink, smoke, don't go to sports games, don't have a car so the 'mates and movies are my only vices. I haven't got a lot of money but my wife and I are lucky to have regular jobs so do have enough to get by okay. We have a weekly spending 'allowance' that we each choose to use in our own way independent of one another and it's worked out okay for the twenty five years that we've been married. I think that she views my liking for the Minimates as a bit of quirky eccentricity in keeping with traditional left of centre English interests in toy soldiers and train sets!
  13. If I was anywhere near the London Comic Con I would definitely be up for a cup of tea and complementing it with some of those superb Minion Cookies, UKC! Hope that it all goes well. And happy hunting if you're on the lookout for some new 'mates!
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