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  1. Dear friends, It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I say goodbye to you all. I am moving on from Minimates, though I must say I've enjoyed collecting them almost as much as I've enjoyed interacting with you fine folks. I won't be checking PMs here anymore, so if you want to get ahold of me, you can use the email address in my newly-created Buy/Sell/Trade webpage, which also features the remainder of my Minimates collection, here: Thank you again everybody for some great laughs! Hope to see many of you on other forums! Good night and good luck, Jad
  2. As someone who started in on Marvel years ago, many of these coveted 'mates have passed through my hands, though almost all are now gone. Inspired by this thread, I went through my random pile and sorted out what I have to offer, and it turns out I've got several that some of you have mentioned. Check out my trades thread (would prefer trades, but would also consider offers to buy), and maybe I can help a few of you out.
  3. Well, that's a surprise. Amazon voluntarily gave me a $25 store credit because of this debacle, and I didn't even have to complain. If any of you fine folks haven't gotten anything from them, maybe try a polite but firm complaint?
  4. Well, EFF me. My ENTIRE order of 9 Omnibus volumes has been canceled. "Pricing error, out of stock" etc. Anyone know how to send in a complaint to Amazon, and would it even be worthwhile?
  5. Same here. I had ordered two each of Secret Wars and Hulk, and then got an email saying it was a glitch and I could only get one of each at that price. Kinda disappointing, but not that bad in the longview.
  6. I just grabbed Hulk Vol I and Secret Wars I for $8 each! And now it seems the insanely low sale prices are done. Most are back to the $40 to $60 dollar range. Am VERY glad I checked out this thread this morning!
  7. I just went for the ones that were $8, so $57 later gets me: X-Men 1 Wolverine 1 Fantastic Four 1 Invincible Iron Man 1 Daredevil 1 Daredevil 2 Death of Capt America Not bad!
  8. I gotta say, I'm really digging these shots of the Secret Wars packs. They would make a nice 80's-themed complement to my ever-growing GI Joe 25th collection. I don't have any Secret Wars packs yet, but would like to pick up all 12 sets. If anyone can help me out, I'd trade generously from my Minimates Haves list. Check the link in my sig!
  9. Most folks on here are reporting seeing abundant BSG mates at their local TRU, but I've never seen any in mine, in Cary NC. There must be more than a few fans in the area, I guess. Oh well, I suppose it contributes to my decision to give up collecting mates. Should you need some of the older BSG mates, including variants & bagged exclusives, check out my For Sale thread link in my sig line.
  10. I just snagged Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow from Target for the greatest clearance price I've seen - $2.74 each! EDIT: I had said I was looking for the other Joe Muggs, but now I've decided I'm just going to keep Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow and call it good. They are cool though, and the price can't be beat!
  11. Thanks to both of you! I got it fixed with your instructions, BHM. And yes, as soon as I put up the thread, I realized it would be a hassle to see the replies!
  12. Hey, so it suddenly appears that when I look at any thread, I can only see the first post, then all subsequent replies show up at the bottom in some sort of a threaded view, where I can only see the names of the repliers. I can't figure out how to change the view back so that I can see complete replies in threads. Please help!
  13. I have a blue Twilight Frodo that had all his paint taken off (by the previous owner, not me) and then painted up to look like Iceman. This was way before there was an official Iceman figure. I removed the crappy custom paint and found that the blank translucent blue mate served as a great faceless ghost. Now one of his knees broke, but the remaining figure is still pretty ghost-like You could also flesh out your rainbow of ghost armies with the SDCC '08 translucent blanks. I happen to have a green one in my sale thread that needs a new home. I'd even throw in the clean blue Frodo for free...
  14. I have heard so much negative buzz on this movie, that I actually am starting to WANT to see it. Mind you, there's no way I'll pay even matinee price, but maybe when it comes around to the $1.50 theater. What's more, I CAN NOT WAIT for the Rifftrax on this one. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is SOOO much better with Rifftrax. Gods bless Mike Nelson.
  15. I guess this week is all about having the 80's taken away from you. Worst week ever.
  16. If true, that's a pretty cool feature. I could see customizers making comic-accurate Wolvies using this as a base. Shame that Mighty Muggs look to be on the way out. I think if more of them were like this one, and, y'know, actually DID something, they could have lasted longer.
  17. So I wonder which online store will do an exclusive two-pack with Axel F and Bronson Pinchot?
  18. That Thanos is much improved. Isn't DST worried about running out of Marvel characters too quickly? :biggrin:
  19. Not gonna complain about getting a ground troop to go along with the Raider. Besides, there is a scene where
  20. They are cockpits from Hasbro's ROTS-style Jedi Starfighter. Looks to me like they've been heavily customized. The landing skids are Lego parts.
  21. Yeah, I'm giving a big thumbs down to the whole concept of "accelerator suits." The appeal of GI Joe is NOT that they are a batallion of Iron Men. Also, they're supposed to be colorful characters - both with regards to personality, and to their costumes. Dressing them all in black is just... wow... bone-headed doesn't even begin to cover it. My best hope at this point is that the film does moderately well enough to warrant an improved sequel/reboot, like what happened with the Hulk movies.
  22. Just wanted to say, great pics DiFabio. Makes me tempted to get some of these!
  23. Um, so, I've been away at work for the last five days. I came back to find this news, and... whoah. BSG is back? Updated Cavil? All the skinjobs? MINI-FLYERS?!? I'm not ashamed to say I downloaded in my pants.
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