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  1. Found wave 10 today as well. Found in central NJ
  2. No luck finding wave 10 but wave 11 has dropped too! Just found animated 1940s captain America with Peggy Carter and Superior Spider-Man with Peter Parker. The other two sets were Doctor Octopus with Spider Girl and Black Panther with Shuri
  3. Is this set still confirmed for this week, the 19th? Someone tell us if it’s on the ship lists!
  4. Thank you @DSTZach !! very excited for this set
  5. Apparently these are shipping 6/19...saw DST commented on someone’s post about them and they gave that day
  6. I don’t think these are still releasing tomorrow. Usually @luke314pi would have posted something about the release by now. @DSTZach can you confirm when we will see this set released?
  7. I don’t know if anyone saw but wave 78 went up for preorder on BigBadToyStore just this morning! Says expected release is September 2019
  8. Hey I need some help. Anyone know a good fix for loose knee joints? Don’t think the clear nail polish will work but I could be wrong. My Endgame Black Widow and Iron Man have really bad loose knee joints
  9. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but is there any update with the boxset? I remember May seemed to be the confirmed month but we are 2 weeks from June and haven’t heard anything yet
  10. I found a set today in Central Jersey. The manager who rung me up said he just got them in this morning! Good luck to everyone!
  11. I agree. I mean I am happy to see these showing up on eBay, that means more ppl are finding them. But these prices are not cool.
  12. Are we still expecting the boxset to release this month??
  13. I too am a fan of the Quantum Suits. Like someone mentioned before me they are unique to the film and we’ll likely never see anything like it again. However I do wish we could get some of those final battle looks. My issue is with Walgreens (as usual). I have been to 5 stores all super close to home and they all went 2 weeks without having a single Minimate on the shelf. It gave me up that they got rid of all the old ones to make room for Endgame. Then over the weekend, instead of getting a new shipment of the newest wave, they filled up the pegs with Animated wave 8 and Thor Ragnarok! Not even Infinity War! How can that even be?
  14. I saw the movie last night and I loved it! I do wish we could have gotten some other characters/looks but so much of the movie was a spoiler so I’m not surprised DST didn’t/couldn’t make certain looks. I would love to get a second wave though. If anyone has any luck finding an extra set of the Walgreens wave I would love to purchase them 👍🏻
  15. Happy to hear that the box set is dropping so soon! But I have to ask, when will the Captain Marvel boxset ship?? @DSTZach
  16. Damn 125 is a little crazy. I’ll just have to wait it out then...if I do find any I will be sure to help someone out
  17. Have these been officially released at Walgreens? Or did a few people just happen to get lucky with them? Haven’t seen them on eBay. And I have 2 Walgreens near me that have absolutely no Minimates on the pegs and the managers both told me they haven’t received anything new 🧐
  18. I’m hoping to find the Walgreens wave any day now. I remember I found the Captain Marvel Mates randomly before they were announced. Fingers crossed I have some luck again and can share the wealth
  19. Just saw the movie tonight and loved it! Any word on a more accurate release date for the 4 pack? I need that Skrull Minimate!
  20. Damn, very bummed out about this. The first thing I said after I watched the trailer was literally “I can’t wait to see the Minimates for this!” Maybe an SDCC exclusive 2 pack of just Mysterio and the new Spidey suit??
  21. Theses are popping up a lot in Central NJ, I’ll try to pick up another set if someone is interested just pm me
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