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  1. M.Spctr

    TRU 25

    I have one for cost+shipping or trade.
  2. M.Spctr

    Storyline themed holy grail

    Contest of champions, Darkhold/Midnight Sons, The bottom, RHONJ.
  3. M.Spctr

    TRU Series 26

    Yes. Yes, please.
  4. M.Spctr

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    Wow this is great man. So accurate!
  5. M.Spctr

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    These are cool, just fill them in to make buildings for your MINIMATES!!! Is it just me or has there been a lot of hate here lately?
  6. M.Spctr

    The Alien™ Franchise

    I wonder why DST doesn't leverage their website more. They could put prototypes up and use preorders to fund tooling and whatnot. Even if they marked up a Bishop/Ferro two pack 20% i'm sure they would end up with 40% margin on it buy cutting out middle men.
  7. M.Spctr

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    I winged it. I'm sure that X-Mansion is cool, it's a great idea. If you put some time into it you could likely do it for a lot less.
  8. M.Spctr

    General Minimate Pictures Thread

    MOC Lego it is. It's modeled after one of the buildings in Maximum Carnage for the SNES. Guess what wave I'm holding my breath for.
  9. M.Spctr

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Add this as an extra head. Tampo pilots in flight suits, cover them with sculpted yeager parts.
  10. M.Spctr

    WAVE 76

    This Venom looks like foreshortening to me. I like it. He varied a lot in size and proportion too back then no?
  11. I really can't wait for the next Alien wave. I was really hoping to see those Xenos be made. DST for the win man.
  12. M.Spctr

    The Decal Thread

    Years back I remember having seen a decal sheet to make Gray Fox from MGS. I've searched a lot but not found it. Does anyone else remember this? I had a picture of a completed custom but lost it.