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  1. I always like the team of mimic blink nocturne morph thunderbird and mariko
  2. I am very much interested! Whatever happens thanks for giving to the community!
  3. What does your Mongul look like? He is another character I’d love to see as a custom
  4. Why thank you! Cronic’s head shot popped up randomly on minimates database one day, and I knew I needed to do a red arrow or arsenal. He just made himself with spare parts I had to be honest.
  5. My arsenal recipe might be a little vague because I made him a few years ago but to the best of my knowledge here goes nothing Hair: Ant-man Walgreens animated head: Chronic from blunt man and chronic set torso: marvel now Deadpool with arrow quiver from age of ultron Hawkeye arms: just random naked arms with beefy black gloves with finger cut outs belt: not sure where I got it but it’s silver with red spot in middle legs: Ant-man Walgreens animated I think he came out pretty well for a QC let me know what you think if able to assemble?
  6. Thank you so much for this recipe! I gave it a shot and this QC looks amazing! I don’t care if he’s missing horns and ears it captures Etrigan perfectly! Anyone else with a good DC QC mate custom? I am always trying to broaden my DC collection. Years back I made a pretty decent Black Adam, Black Canary, Red Hood, and an Arsenal I’m pretty happy with
  7. Luke should do a custom series of DC minimates! I’d love to see what he could do with firestorm demon zatanna and classic JSA characters!
  8. The DC line had great potential. I wish it could be resurrected in some way!
  9. I might have missed a post of two but why is their no build a figure parts? Is that not happening anymore?
  10. I’d love to throw my name into the hat for this guy! Grape is my favorite flavor✋
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