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  1. Found this pic on Facebook. So, what's the word on these, if any?
  2. That'd look really nice with the rest of my ghostbuster minimates!
  3. Yeah, I just got my notice of a refund.
  4. I've looked through the last couple pages and my understanding is that these are canceled, but I just got an order confirmation on my pre-order (April 2019) from Luke saying that I'd get another email when they shipped. What is going on?
  5. Could we get Brian Pillman and Steve Austin as the Hollywood Blondes?
  6. Is there a character under the Venom parts? His knees are red, so I'm curious if it's a character or just the parts they had available to display him.
  7. I went out checking and found none in my neck of the woods, Jonesboro, AR. I may have to make a drive to Conway one week.
  8. Just put my pre-order in. Hoping we get these, as this set and the Bruce Lee set had me truly excited as a minimate fan.
  9. Oh there's no end to what they could do if they got a license. They could easily do multiples of wrestlers due to ever changing attires. Use the boring business suit figures for announcers and authority figures. And while I know it would never happen, a ring with guard rails and an entrance ramp would be amazing to have in minimate form. I understand not being a fan of all the "classic" wrestlers, and to each they're own. I'm a big fan of the current group of preformers in the wrestling world. The classic wrestlers, like Luke is making, just hold a special place for me. As a kid it's what I watched with my dad and have a lot of very fond memories of. That being said, whether it's classic, current or a mixture, I would be all over a wrestling minimates line.
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