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  1. wave 74

    The tail is from Surtur. The gun is a halo gun that had blades on the bottom that I cut off.
  2. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    If those ritual mask would come out as well as the Tactical Killmonger mask did, I'd be all over this regardless of the other two figures.
  3. John Wick

    Who would at get other than John Wick? The hotel clerk? The head of the assassin group? Also, if there was ever a reason to do another in scale car, this is the line for it.
  4. Kingdom Hearts

    I can't get the picture to load on here, but can we talk about the awesome Tron cycle down on!!!
  5. The Dark Tower

    I've never read the series, but my first thought was that this would make an awesome Scott Eastwood custom.
  6. WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Thank you hellpop, I tried forever and could not get that image to upload.
  7. WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    What about the shoulder pads on the wrestler zombie from plants VS zombies? They already had spikes on them. And a title belt.
  8. The X-Files

    I'd love to get that many accessories with a package of minimates.
  9. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Anybody need the Kamala Khan wave? I have an extra just in case.
  10. Predator Minimates

    I had hoped we get a chest block for Hanzo that showed off his Yakuza tattoos from his showdown at the end of the movie.
  11. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    Got mine in the mail today. I like the new hand/glove pieces on Iron Man.
  12. Marvel Wave 71 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (TBA)

    Just got my sticker set and it's amazing!
  13. Wave 72: Logan's Legacy (?)

    I thought I'd pass on this wave, but after seeing these pics, I was obviously trying to fool myself. After seeing that Mojo, I really want to try to use that torso for an updated Blob.
  14. Kingdom Hearts

    Is that a vinimate of Sora behind that white guy?