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Luke's 1/6 Scale Customs and Collection


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I figured it was time to start a new topic for this, as I plan to keep customizing these, and I would like to keep everything together in one place. :)

Here is the one I just finished:

Final Battle Iron Man Mark III






The body is from a BD Mark III with a Mech Test Tony Stark head on a trimmed True Type neck. The armor damage was first added with a soldering iron, and then painted with Citadel paints. I also painted his skin to add some blood and dirt. The sweat on his forehead is tiny drops of clear nail polish. He is slightly more battle damaged than in the film, but I liked where it was going, so I just went with it.

Now HT just needs to release Iron Monger and I will be set. :)

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I took the pictures last night on my deck. The light in the background of the full body shot is the moon. I thought it would be a cool backdrop for the photos, but it didn't really come through the way I had hoped. My porch light ended up being dimmer than I remembered, and I couldn't find an extension cord to use one of my other lights out there, so I just stuck with what I had. The low light meant my camera was taking the pictures at ISO 400, so they all ended up grainy. It does look kind of cool this way, but no, it was not intentional.

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I have been working on a custom Raza figure from the first Iron Man movie using a starter kit offered on the Freaks board which had an unpainted head, clothing patterns, and accessories. I got his head painted this morning:


Just for reference, here is the original artist's paint job:


This was my first time painting a 1/6 scale head, and it took about half an hour. Prior to painting him I sanded a few places on the sculpt that I thought protruded too much, and I sculpted a little bit of furrowing between his eyebrows in order to give him a more intense look. I still need to finish his outfit, and then I will post more pics here. :)

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Thanks! I am going to get this guy and one other 1/6 scale custom under my belt before I would consider doing commissions. Anyways, I am still about 9 months behind on my custom minimate orders. :whistling:

Now if you will excuse me, all of this sewing has tested my manliness, so I need to go chop down a tree or strangle a wild boar or something.

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This beauty arrived yesterday:




I tried putting my custom BD Mark III on the shelf as well, but it got too crowded. I will have to find somewhere else to put him until Monger comes out. :)

And since this is my collection thread, I might as well post a pic of my Batman stuff as well:


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