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DC Universe Mez-Its


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Mezco just issued a press release that, long story short, says they've gotten a license from WB Consumer Products to make Mez-Its (their Mighty Muggs-esque vinyl figures) based on DC characters. They're going to be previewing the first few at Comic Con.

So, yeah, interesting that a smaller company was apparently able to circumvent DC Direct to get a DC toy license. I wonder if DST has considered that route. This sparks a most certainly futile flame of hope in my heart...

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Mezco has been in bed with New Line for years. Now that they've lost their main horror properties, they're sinking their capital into the DCU.

Exactly HOW, I'm not sure. In a way this is good news for Minimates because if Mezco can get their paws on DC for Mez-Its, DST should be able to acquire the license for Minimates. I don't want to read any more bullshit about Mattel's contract precluding DST from getting the license. Mezco exists in the same market as DST. When DC Mez-Its go the way of their Watchmen line, the door should be WIDE OPEN for the return of DC Minimates!

So there.

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these guys come out about a week ago at my lcs they are $11! so i guess minimates a cheap then? for your b-day my lcs store offers you a deal to get half prcie anything in the store! so in addition to buying some minimates i picked up the batman and superman sets. and they suck! ok they are not that bad. they don't have the articulation or the playability of minimates. but they LOOK cool! i will try and post some pictures.

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I've been trying to find them locally, but none of the shops in my area have ordered them. I've only seen them available on ebay and through online retailers. Nowhere near the articulation of Minimates, but I actually think they look better just standing around. But of course, I could be biased because the Mez-Itz body style more closely resembles my own. :) Anyway, I'll definitely be adding these to my collection as soon as I can find them.

And I just missed an auction by one of the members here for the series 1 set. Logged in a minute after it ended. Ugh. :(

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