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Shockwave and Jazz pic!


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It could be that they are delaying the release, and have only temporarily cancelled this wave (Hasbro apparently did this with some GI Joe vehicles not long ago). However, if the "3rd" wave was simply cancelled, and if the prototypes were all that were produced so far of Jazz/Shockwave, then I wouldn't bet on merging the two waves together, particularly if the line isn't making money. Instead, it would be much cheaper to release the newer figures that are already well into the pipeline along with some existing figures that factories are already prepared to produce.

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The merging of the waves 2 and 3 and doing away with the repacks would be the fan answer. While I agree cutting their losses while they can saves them money if the line is not making money. The line has yet to hit retail in any major sense. I dont even think wave 1 has hit USA retail yet.

I just find it a shame that with such great figures like Jazz and Starscream that given a chance these would have sold.

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