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Minimateship's Mash-Ups

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A mash-up! A pie and mash-up, even. Not quite but for our inaugural instalment it will be a curiously culinary creation:



Guessed yet? Maybe a group shot will help; it's an ordinary enough looking fellow but as is often the case, the monsters are hidden in plain sight...




Here's my bite-size version of Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter! I tried many a suit (some too loud, many too quiet) before settling on this more toned down blue, 1) because i had the body on hand today and 2) to evoke the suit worn in the promotional materials for the series.

The hairpiece I've used doesn't immediately come to mind (maybe Rick Grimes?) again just something i had on hand (then head) i call these casting customs where i just use the person's head and make minimates of their other roles when it works out juuuust right

Many thanks to everyone on the Minimate Multiverse and to Mr Mikkelsen's decision to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and thus cement himself as a minimate! James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and other customs to follow 😛 all feedback welcome especially new person suit ideas


Now where's my Swedish Chef...

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G'day g'day & welcome to edition 2 of minimateship's mash-ups i'm your host signaturechoice minimateship!

First of all thank you so much for the kind words guys, and indeed the warning! if there's any a slippery slope I'd rather be on it's yours @cylonchaney, i'll be in the market for a 3D printer before you know it! jks...but also.. 😜 and many thanks also  @Shanester always groovy to hear from the proverbial bossman round here 

now for today's instalment: this week's mystery custom character: well, if i told you that I'd have to kill ya... 😜 much like Nessex and myself, it's a fellow iconic australian...he's from the deepest depths of the untouched outback... he says "that's not a knife" and wears a black Akubra...he's right up there with Kraven in hunting terms and he's craven all the same....





...and my Crocodile Dundee custom is far from done! So here's another Mick from Oz who said that famous line second, in his first this instance, "that's not a knife... this is a jerry can". Some of you horror buffs, and those who like Australian stuff and other fellow countryfolk (make urselves known :P) may recognise this as Mick Taylor, lead antagonist of the Wolf Creek film/television series, . It all started with an ambition to upscale a LEGO custom and here we are :) and here that is:


you may notice there's a bit more salt than pepper in the LEGO minifigure's beard; this is perhaps more accurate to the character on-screen; however my sort of 'headcanon', as the kids say, is that the minimate is the more youthful Mick Taylor found in the Wolf Creek prequel novels. 

That being said, I'm all ears on recommendations for a different head/hat/hunting knife!

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :) cheers cobber, til next time and have a good one mate!


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Struth !:thumbsup:

My best mate emigrated to Oz in 1982 , I saw 'Dundee' 4 years later & I was hooked on the idea of eventually going out & meeting up with my old cobber one day.  1988 saw me spending months in hospital after a car crash , during those months I decided that "F*ck it" I won't be waiting around any longer when I get out of here .  1989 I arrived in Brisbane ,fell in love with Australia & returned another 4 times over the next 10 years!  

My point ...if you're missing that Crocodile Dundee wasn't just a movie, it was, for me, an epiphany . 

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thank you so much for the kind words everyone! One hell of an epiphany there, fantastic to hear you managed to make it down under @buttheadsmate , and that it treated ya well :) what a place to land though: I studied in (& have lived over) Brisbane! reading of your travels has me all sorts of excited to return there next!

the lego mick's gas can is from COBI while mini mick's hails (hail ivan) from the hard goodbye set from sin city @elhonez 

another custom premiering soon...

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