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Good!!! Loki and Falcon are due out after March. Does anybody have any guesses on what's next?? In May maybe they'll release an Ultron, or Vision, or the twins. I think its cool that people buy the figures for other reasons then to play, I hope this line has a long life. (Long enough that they'll make X-Men)

Nothing until DI 3.0, I think I remember hints that we'll see more Marvel characters in 3.0, but 3.0 is supposed to be Star Wars focused. I'd love it if they made DareDevil, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Dr. Strange to capitalize on new pub.

I got the last two Marvel discs so my Falcon can change into his WS look and the other is a Captain Marvel team-up disc.

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Is there any app that any of you use to track down weekly sales on the characters and playsets?

I visit that website or follow them on twitter. They also have an Amiibo site.

Still need to track down a few discs to complete my set, but in no hurry to do so.

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anyone still dabbling in this? im looking to finish up my 2.0 power discs if anyone has any to sell or trade( i have very few doubles though)

I am looking for the following ones:

Marvel team up Iron patriot

Stark arc reactor

Shield containment truck

Spider buggy

Odins horse

Stark tech

World war hulk

Star lords galaxy

View from the suit

Spidey sky

World war hulk sky

the rip

Forgotten sky

Infinity gauntlet

I have a dupe of Odin's Horse if you want it.

thanks but i now have one pending.

ok, now just looking for the following:

World war hulk sky

Forgotten sky

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