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On the Disney Infinity Collection screen it shows Yondu and Falcon after the three bad guys that are due to come out later this year. I can't wait to see what's next!

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We got 2 packs with the Spiderman Playset at Target, 1 with the Collector's Edition at BestBuy and then bought 9 packs at TRU with the buy2get1 deal. I felt them and mostly got packs with two circles since those are the ones we wanted most, we got:

Infinity Gauntlet (Rare) x1
Team up: Yondu (Rare) x1
Team up: Iron Patriot x1
Team up: Ant Man x2
Team up: Winter Soldier x5
Costume: Gamora x1
Costume: Iron Fist x2
Costume: Hulk x2
Costume: Spiderman x4
Sorcerer Supreme x1
Helicarrier Strike x2

and the ironic thing, I only got two hexagon discs and got:
Spiderman Helicopter x2

The guy at TRU said they are having a disc trading event this weekend so hopefully I can trade some of my dupes for ones we are missing. I'd trade any dupes here as well if anyone has dupes to trade.

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I've got the following circle disks for trade
space armor x 5
Infinity guantlet x 1

Team Up:Iron Patriot x1

Alien symbiote x2

Team Up:Ant Man x2

SHIELD Helicarrier Strikex2

SHIELD containment Truck x1

Dinosaur World x2

I need
TEAM UP:Winter soldier
TEAM UP:White tiger

Falcons Wings

Spider Glider

Jack o Lantern Glider

Ghost riders chain whip


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Nobody showed up for the disc trading event at my TRU.


Groot's Roots
View from the Suit
S.H.I.E.L.D. Containment Truck
Hydra Motorcycle
Marvel Team-Up Iron Patriot x2
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Strike
Sentinel of Liberty x2
Space Armor (Gamora)
Gamma Rays (Hulk)
Ghost Rider's Chain Whip


Spidey's Streets
Star-Lord's Galaxy
Spidey Sky
World War Hulk Sky
The Rip
Forgotten Skies
Groot's View

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I haven't picked him up yet, but I've really enjoyed the Avengers starter set. Still a lot to learn, so any tips would be appreciate when it comes to the toy box and interior stuff. I didn't realize this was here. I've been bugging poor Neo and Luke.

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I picked up Yondu & Ronan, but I don't own the game or the base to play them on. :lol:

I just like collecting the figures. *shrugs*

I'll get around to grabbing Goblin, but I'm still missing Iron Fist, Stitch, Donald, Tinkerbell, Hiro, Maleficent, and Mater as well (I don't have the Phineas & Ferb guys or the girl Car, or any of the clear variants, as I don't want any of them).

I usually only get them randomly one at a time, or if there's a sale (I love TRU's buy one get one 40-50% they frequently do).

Or if I'm obsessed with a character or property (Guardians, Frozen). :lol:

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I saw your guardians of the galaxy figures in your displays, you should try the game it's not horrible.

I'm sure it's fun. It looks like Grand Theft Disney, which is fantastic, lol.

I would just rather spend the $60 that new games cost on toys (like Minimates), and would rather spend the four or so hours that I usually spend when I do play games, watching movies instead.

Gaming's just never really been my thing. I'll do it occasionally, but it's always at the bottom of my list of things I want to spend my extremely limited free time on. confused.gif

I really want the Frost Giant pad, so if I can get that for a reasonable price off eBay, then I'm sure I could get a copy of one of the games for cheap.

I already have all these characters to play as. laugh.png

Love the style of the figures, wish they were articulated.

OMFG, that would be so unbelievably great if they were.

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I'm actually getting the hang of things now Zak. I ended up creating GT and separate Infinity account to minimize some of my headaches. I wrapped up the game and have been playing with the INterior stuff. Played around a bit with the Toy Box and created a few things. Good game and I'm enjoying it. Has anyone liked their page on Facebook or any other social media? I was able to get some free Frozen toybox stuff onto my 360 recently. My son seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, just a heads up.

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? Good!!! Loki and Falcon are due out after March. Does anybody have any guesses on what's next?? In May maybe they'll release an Ultron, or Vision, or the twins. I think its cool that people buy the figures for other reasons then to play, I hope this line has a long life. (Long enough that they'll make X-Men)

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Is there any app that any of you use to track down weekly sales on the characters and playsets?

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