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  1. I've been out of the game for a while, but 50$ or not, I'm getting these for sure. I'll probably not get two though; 50$ (plus shipping) is too much for me to buy another set just for Franklin/Val customs and end up with extras that I'll have no use for. Still, I'm excited for this set; the packaging looks great too.
  2. Bummer. His Post-SW look was unique enough that I thought he had a shot. Thanks for the info though!
  3. Thanks for the responses. I was mostly interested in a projected release date and whether any accessories were added (I've been trying to find a good head for a civillian Doom for a while now, and best I could do was Union Jack's with Nite Owl's head; with Iron Doom being unscarred I figured an unmasked head had good chances). Still, I'm looking forward to it. Nothing else Marvel related, I assume? No interest in PR, but they look great.The Transformers & Cobra stuff tempt me more.
  4. I can see myself buying the Cobras. Power Rangers is good news, I’m sure they’ll do well. Anything on Wave 82/Marvel?
  5. I've been meaning to get those ever since they came out. One day I'll create a proper MGS shelf...
  6. I was hoping for MGS for the "Mystery License" (I just want some new MGS merch), but this is close enough, I guess... Bar Snake Eyes and maybe Scarlet I'm not all that interested in the Joes, but boy, am I going to buy those Cobras, even if I'm out of MMs outside of special ocassions.
  7. I saw these on ToyArk. I'm not a huge TF fan, but these look fun. A boxset once in a while is something I might snag. Bring on those Decepticons.
  8. I think there's an F4 Crossover coming out. Antithesis or something. Corona ruined schedules a bit. But I'm not really sure. He's not appearing in any ongoing series, if that's what you're asking. Surfer was part of Cates' GotG which ended months ago. Now we've got Ewing's GotG.
  9. Oh, I see. As for the Symbiotes, I like them when they're Marvel's Xenomorph x Thing hybrid. I remember that 2003 Venom series which started off as a Thing rip-off pretty fondly. When they add too much lore they lose their appeal. Still, I prefer the Cates take over Bendis' "maaaaaan, they like, are some kinda like, space guardians or something". His Dr. Strange I think I bought. It was the one with Loki as Sorcerer Supreme, wasn't it? It was fun. His Venom I like when it's low-tier Lovecraftian/Eldritch, but the "civvie" stuff are rather boring. His Maker and that subplot are pretty good though. I honestly found his GotG to be quite stupid. But then again, I'm not liking Ewing's run either (because yes, Hera totally is black with a pink afro...) and I honestly find him a tad overrated as well. He just has a knack for continuity. He tries to be Morrison, but he's not on par. Cates' work I don't love or anything, but the man sets out to make fun capecomics, and I honestly can't blame him too much. At least he's not Snyder, producing whatever the Hell Death Metal is...
  10. I'll speedrun through it on a slow Wednesday, probably. I like that Cosmic nonsense, even if it's just schlocky and trite. But, like I said, I'll take it over the Post-2015 "stories".
  11. Long story short, Cates, the current Venom writer, came up with this SUPER ULTRA MEGA CHTONIC ELDRITCH GIGAVILLAIN called Knull, who's the creator of the Symbiotes, looks like an edgy Elric, and he's trying to destroy reality and go back to the eternal darkness. The "spider" is supposed to be an alien symbiote dragon or something. Cates turned Venom into a quasi Lovecraftian book, and is now writing Thor, which borrows some stuff from that lore. Anyway, in all those Venom issues and the recent Carnage event he kept repeating the phrase "GOD IS COMING". There's a crossover/event/whatever called "The King In Black" or something with Knull attacking and stuff. I don't keep up, I just check solicits and some threads every so often. Most folsk online hate it, but eh, it's dumb, schlocky fun. It's literally capes, what are they expecting?
  12. Well, there's only so many designs that you can do and do well. Now that KNULL IS COMING, we're in for more Cosmic Edgyness. I know everyone hates Knull, but honestly, it's dumb, schlocky cape fun. The design's typical but fun and I like the gimmick. I'll take him over the 10s Marvel period. Now that was a true low point.
  13. Yeah. Black Surfer is Silver Surfer who got KNULLED. It's from a recent mini with Trad Moore on art. The Fallen One is an old Herald.
  14. I haven't bought Minimates for... about 6 or so years now, but I am surely getting these. Between this and that Dark Phoenix wave (getting it mostly for the Shi'ar than the Muties), plus Ghost, I'm quite satisfied. Is Doom going to get an unmasked head? I've ben trying to find one that fits him and nothing. And he's had many looks over the years between classic, Marquez and Maleev, but I'm coming up short... The arms kinda worry me, if they are those used on the Iron Men with the limited articulation, but I'm not sure if I'm identifying them correctly. Nevertheless, this is great. I'll also buy a second to kitbash civilian looks. The extra bodies of Reed and Sue will be turned into Franklin and Val. The extra Johnny's body I'll probably turn into some What If/AU Doom-as-an-F4-member. Dunno what I'll do with Ben, but I'll think of something. Maybe give him boots and create a "redesign" of my own. The extra Doom I'll surely use as a base to create my Doom redesign in minimate form. The extra Black Surfer... He actually looks a whole lot like the Fallen One. I'll just need to give him some bluish, transluscent hairpiece ala Frankie Raye. Doable, and it'd be a nice addition. Now I wish we could get a new Namor. Maybe some Doctor Strange or Iron Man stuff too. Still, big win for me.
  15. Yes, because the forum is so alive these days that they're really breaking up the sparkling conversation... Whatever, see you next year.
  16. My line of thinking is that up until IM2 they were actual films. Yes, 3 films is plural, hence "they". TFA & Thor had problems, but they showed promise. Then Avengers came out and it all went to Hell. I don't see what's peculiar about my line of distinction. Growing up with something doesn't mean you have to like it. And I wouldn't say I "grew up" with them. When I was a kid I watched 90s Spider-Man and X-Men, Disney's Recess, stuff like that. Toy Story (1 & 2), Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Tarzan, A Bug's Life and Monsters Inc are the Disney/Pixar videotapes I used to watch all the time. My Capeflicks were the Raimi and FoX-Men Trilogies. My comics were Ultimate Marvel, Civil War Era Marvel, Morrison X-Men, those things. On the evenings I watched House MD. By the time the MCU started, I was already past associating things with childhood memories. And even then, it doesn't really affect me, as I haven't cared about Spider-Man in about a decade, when I used to be a HUGE fan as a kid. I consider Half-Life, Counter Strike, GTA: SA, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, LOST and even BSG part of my childhood more than I do the MCU. That came out during my teen years, which I don't feel any real attachment to. If you want to make me nostalgic, remind me of MGS and DOTA, not the MCU. As for who they're made, they're not made for kids. They're made for "everyone", meaning consumers. I simply don't think high enough of them to call them films. They fail at having an identity, they fail at translating the comics, they fail at being blockbusters, they fail at everything, at least in my book. I'd sooner watch "Benny & Joon" than Captain Marvel.
  17. What's with the language ? And no, age is not really a factor. For example, I was really hyped for Ghost Rider back in 2007. Me and my pals spent a whole party one time playing the game over and over on the PS2. I've watched the film about 10 times or more. It doesn't mean that I consider it good. It's an "alright" 2000s Capeflick. It's not good, or even average, but it's got Nic Cage, a flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle and a nice "Satan" (who's not really on part with say, Viggo or DeNiro), so coupled with "nostalgia", it's just a run of the mill average capeflick. Emotional investment plays a role, but there are tons of Capeflicks I watched as a kid that I feel no attachment to. I've watched XMO:W I can't remember how many times now, and I absolutely love the videogame. I barely consider it a flick. On the flip side, I used to hate Constantine for not being a faithful adaptation, but I'm warming up to it. So all in all, no, I'm capable of critical thinking, and don't just like and dislike things based on some vague emotional attachment due to the age I watched them. TFA & Thor I watched because I was curious to see what they'd come up with. Moreover, they were films I watched with friends on a Saturday night out, not things I caught on the first screening. The same as many other films that I ended up not really liking. I watched Momoa's Conan like that, for God's sake... And you know what, I was not that dissapointed. They were of a more watered down quality but they still had a movie feel. Thor could've been more Mythological & Epic, but they were good enough starts. Not IM-Tier, which is a legitimately great film, but not too bad. It was Avengers that solidified the MCU as a long series of TV movies given theatrical releases. Avengers I watched because of the Hype and because I'm an Iron Man Fan. Thor: TDW, to this day, I've only seen a screener of. IM3 I watched because, like I said, I'm an Iron Fan, and I like Shane Black. Honestly, that felt like a proper film, so twists aside, I still don't hate it. I like the entire Iron Man Trilogy. If I judge them purely as an Iron Man Fan, they're awful representations of the character which ruined the comics. But as movies, they're good. GotG I watched because I used to be a fan of the 2008 DnA Vol and I like Sci-Fi. And sure, I like the film. It's one of the good ones I mentioned. It's not going to show up in my Top 20 anytime soon, but it's a solid and proper movie. TWS I watched because I used to like Brubaker's Cap run, and I like Espionage stuff. Plus, Robert Redford. I watched it about three times at the cinema because finals were approaching and I wanted to get out and relax. Then there was... Ant-Man ? I can't remember if I watched that on the Big Screen or not. I think I just downloaded it. AoU I watched because of Iron Man and Ultron. Then there was CW which again, I watched because of Iron Man, and it's one of the most TV-Like MCU flicks, especially the horrendous airport scene. Doctor Strange I watched because I was a big Strangefan as a kid, and I was promised some true Metaphysical concepts and effects. Which I didn't really get, but it's a nice enough movie because it's shot as one. Not shaky cams, no overeliance on green screens for every single thing, proper cinematography and a tighter script, which would've been better if only that dimwit from Reddit & Memey wasn't brought in to add cringy jokes. Nevertheless, it was the movie that finally made me give up on the MCU as a whole, so take that as you will... And that was it. The rest I downloaded, and apart from IW & EG, which I watched again, only for Iron Man, the others I barely managed to sit through them on 2.5x speed. Hell, I think AM&TW, CM, SM:FFH & BP I merely skipped through. And even that was unbearable... As for what's in store, I don't plan on watching anything at the theatre. I never even finished the Netflix shows past Daredevil. I stopped caring about the MCU long ways back. Now all I'm interested in is DOOM, and maybe some X-Men, if the casting is good. I'm not a huge fan of the Muties these days, but I like the general concept well enough. My problem isn't that they're "lowbrow", and I'm such a stuck-up snob that I only watch Hungarian Arthouse. I like Blockbusters just fine. But the MCU isn't a collection of Blockbusters. It's a bunch of tv movies with a higher budget. From the acting to the scripts, the none-existent cinematography and personality, they're all just hollow clones devoid of any soul. Snyder's DC Movies, regardless of your views on them, had Soul and identity. That I can agree with, since it's basically what I'm saying. You wanna like the MCU ? Go ahead. It's got some legitimately okay movies here and there, like GotG. But don't ask me to rank the majority of them as proper movies. And you know what, I'll take the Bayformers over the MCU any day of the week. Now those are some real Blockbusters. The first 3 anyway. The last two became too corporate. But the first three are fun Blockbusters and you'll never get me to say otherwise.
  18. l just preach the truth. Somebody has to save the Plebs from their tastes... And it's not my fault that my Chadness is only rivaled by people like Don Draper and the Pope. Of course! I'm brilliant and great and never, ever wrong; just like Doctor Doom! Good to hear. You're hereby declared a Patrician. Well, I fail to see what it represented bar- Hm, I think it best to refrain, in this case, lest I utter words, unfit for these boards. Until IM2, they actually felt like real films. TFA & Thor weren't half bad, but the "style" had started cementing itself. By Avengers, they were merely "joints". I can dislike the ST of SW as much as I want, but they are actual movies. From the way they're shot, edited and presented. The MCU is merely a series of TV Mvies given a theatrical release. IW came kind of close to being a real movie, but nah. Doctor Strange and the GotG movies had pretty good cinematgraphy, so I consider them movies too. Not great or anything, but good enough for what they are. But the Avengers ones, Ragnarok and the others; nope.
  19. Those days are long gone. Now I just call everyone who doesn't agree with me "Cringe", and whoever agrees with me "Based". It's surprisingly efficient. Well, I did say "with some okay flicks here and there". And that's what it is; okay. It's an okay flick. It's basically a tv movie given a theatrical release. Sure, it's not the CW shows, but let's not pretend the MCU has actual films in it. If these flicks are more than "okay" then the rating scale gets all screwby. For example, "The Comformist" is a 7/10 movie to me. What grade do you think I'll give to "Civil War" or "Black Panther" ? Sure, I can give both a 6/10 if I judge them as flicks made for toddlers and people on their night out before they go out to have drinks, and of course to make the studios tons of cash. But if I judge them as proper movies, well, I can't give them that... Ghost and those good ol' shiny X-Mates brought me here. You best go on releasing those goshdarn Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom and Comic Book Iron Man mates now, or my Lordship shall leave once again... I don't really collect the line anymore (I stopped colelcting everything bar comics, and even those I'm just waiting for some indie series to finish, but I'm getting back into 1/6th with some POs) but I want to finish my TNBCM Collectin, and those Phoenix Saga figs look ace. So I'm here. For now...
  20. The entire MCU Post-IM2 is a trainwreck with some okay flicks here and there. IM2 is better than the majority of later releases, and I'll take that to my grave. Whoever disagrees is a Pleb with bad, awful, terrible taste, and whoever agrees is a Patrician versed in the high arts. It's not even up for debate.
  21. Is it alright if it’s our own version of a villain? I’ve been working on a redesigned Doctor Doom for the past few months (I paint a bit whenever I get back home for a few days), so I figured I’d enter him. He’s still got the mask, the cloak, the armor and everything, he’s just based on some fanart I found on the net that modernized him a bit. Figured I’d enter him just for the hell of it if he’s ready before the deadline.
  22. I don’t understand why they didn’t just do the Bendis/Gatchaman/Mass Effect GotG and be done with it. Angela is pretty much the same, and Gamora is from that era. Why mix it with the new version? Why even make this horrendous Adam Warlock (talking about the costume here; the mate seems faithful enough), and poorly cobble together a Darkhawk? I haven’t bought mates in years, but I’d have bought that GotG version simply to put them next to “Godkiller” (not really its name, but you get the point) Iron Man, the Angela we have, then I’d buy Space Knight Venom, and bam, there’s the team (Carl Manvers appeared sometimes, but eh, whatever). They’d have been easier to make, and we’d complete a version of the team, instead of this mishmash that is now. We’re not getting the 2008 versions, fine, whatever. But why this hideous Warlock? If you’re gonna make a mash-up, at least go with the 2008 Warlock with an extra Magus head, who had a great design. Why redo Angela? If you want a woman from the current run, go with the AU Phylla-Vell. Why even do Darkhawk if you’re going to butcher him? Should’ve gone with Gladiator or hell, even Starfox or Nebula if they needed a character from the current run. Anyway, I saw pics over at IG, and it reminded of me asking for a GotG wave back in... 2014? 2015? So I figured I’d share. It’s not like I have a stake in anymore, but, like I said, I’d have bought a NOW! Era Version just for completion’s sake.
  23. I honestly just want another Iron Man Wave. It's been, what, 40 Waves, since the first, and last, comic based one? Infamous Iron Man (with a healed Victor Von Doom head and hair) / Controller (Modern) Ghost (Thunderbolts Look) / Black Widow II (Thunderbolts Look-with an extra Nat head and hair) Zeke Stane (Fraction's Run) / AIM Scientist (with Alt-Look extras) Iron Monger (Classic Armor; Disco Obadiah Underneath) / AIM Scientist (with Alt-Look extras) MODOK Superior as the BAF. - I even made a collage!
  24. They can't keep getting away with it!
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