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  1. I don't know how I feel about new English cast. I mean, they did change the cast once they started airing it on Toonami (which I never saw) so there is a whole continuity thing there. And I have a really sappy fondness for the original. But it does need an over haul. Really, the best thing is to release the original 4 seasons along with the re-dubbed HD 5. We're finally getting Angels in English! Everyone wins.
  2. Is that a 2.5" head on the goblin, or a new one alltogether?
  3. So excited. I still say we have a livestream watching/discussion.
  4. I seriously had no idea TNA was so hated. I grew up with it, even more so than TAS. I just don't see the problem. It was just as good.
  5. I think The World's Finest 3 parter was some of the best the entire show had to offer. Right up there with Heart of Ice.
  6. Um... WTH?
  7. I really don't get it. Harley is the same. You can't prefer one version over the other as there isn't anything to prefer. TAS: TNA: (Sorry, couldn't find a smaller pic) Aside from one having softer curves and the other being more angular, which is an animation style, and very subtle at that, she's the same. IDK. I'm excited either way.
  8. I watched Godzilla: Tokyo SOS last night. I haven't had that much fun in a while.
  9. The more I think about this, the more excited I get. This is what I've wanted from Minimates. Well, considering 2/3rds of them are from TNBA, you'd think that be the first wave. But I don't mind mixing. The styles always meshed for me, and it solidifies it as one show. WHAT?! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
  10. Harley didn't really have that much of a design change. (Well, aside from her bust line. ) And like I said, I want both Ivy's, as I love both of her designs. I can't wait for Batgirl.
  11. Same. Some stores put them on clearance by mistake. I bought TR at full price anyway.
  12. Terrible Trio for me. MAN do I hate that episode. So much so that I almost wouldn't watch Teh Batman version. Which is a shame, because Teh Batman has a wonderful take on it, with the splicing angle and being a very Batgirl-centric episode.
  13. There were a handful of characters that had major costume changes between seasons 1-3 and 4. Some I like better than others. Others I like both. (Penguin's season 1-3 and Joker and Freeze season 4's aren't on there at all.) Poison Ivy is one of the few I actually like both designs equally. Maybe because I headcanon'd my way around that she's slowly devolving, becoming less human. Can't stand season 4 Cat Woman. Don't mind Joker's, but prefer season 1-3. Same with Bruce Wayne. I like season 4's Scarecrow, Bane and Freeze better.
  14. I'm in. While they may come off too strong, I am a feminist (of sorts) and fully support what they're doing.
  15. Soldsoldsoldsoldsoldsoldsoldsoldsoldsold!!!!!!! Man, We need another Ivy before this line is over with. Also, I hope the quality is better. DCD is not known for their QC
  16. I got it all except the left foot, then I read below the picture. Very fun.
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