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  1. The problem are our schools in general. No Child Left Behind doesn't work, and never has. It's not just America either. Canada and Mexico have similar issues, MiniJeff will back me up on this. We need a major, ground up overhaul on our educational systems. Ever seen Waiting on Superman? It it an amazingly well done documentary, and has one of the saddest endings I've ever seen.
  2. I that that's what he was stressing, the entire time, was "For free"
  3. I think Nessex posted this some time back, but it was lo-res. It's nice to be able to read it. Still, I only know who half the characters are.
  4. Hey, I recognize some of these guys from last year's Charitymates!
  5. Did you see the gray one?
  6. Newer, fancier add on parts don't necessarily make for a better Minimate. In fact, in many cases it is quite the opposite. Listen to this man. He speaks truth.
  7. The nostalgia is palatable, but the ending is hilarious. That'll be funded by the end of the week, no worries.
  8. OMG, who is that playing GL? I can't quite place him... Also, lol@ Wonder Woman's movie reference.
  9. It was Comicpalooza in Houston. I had a lot of fun, but having worn jeans all my life, I didn't know one could worry so much about your crotch adjustment. :/
  10. Okay. I actually made it this year! People were taking photos of me left and right. it was amazing! I loved it. Also, several people thought I was a girl. 0-o One guy was really offended tat I wasn't. I know there's some more floating around out there on tumblr and twitter a crap. I don't use any of that so I'm just going to have rotten luck finding it. The bad news is, my costume has now seen better days.
  11. So do I but I prefer to do the chasing in a particular direction with my quarry in full sight . Fair enough. I suppose I actually enjoy the tracking then.
  12. I guess I'm just weird, as I actually enjoy the hunt.
  13. I got done playing Pathfinder tonight for the first time. It was really great (especially with someone who knew what they were doing.) I played a rogue. I shouldn't have played a rogue. I sooooo shouldn't have played a rogue...
  14. This may sound like hyperbole, but this is the most amazing Spider-Man 6" figure I own, next to the Movie 2 version.
  15. I just want these things in more stores. At this point I feel Target is a given, but I'd love to see them elsewhere as well.
  16. I know she didn't start it, but Black Cat started off as a better character, while Catwoman spent a long time as a goofy 60's villain. And I'm not trying to start anything (I do like Catwoman) but it's just irritating when your favorite character isn't even known to exist, and is often mistaken for, and this is just me, an inferior character. Like I said. Not trying to start anything.
  17. Wait, this is out? Then why the bloody heck does the sound track not come out for another 2 weeks?! I've been wanting to buy this for a month!
  18. My official guess? Pathfinder. Zach mentioned they could get them in gaming stores, and these would be perfect as Blind bags.
  19. I'm stuck on page twelve. Come on guys, it's Thursday. I don't have the energy for this thread this week... :/
  20. I'll give Catwoman this: She's the greatest cat bugler in history, as she stole Black Cat's shtick and no one knew other wise. This is Catwoman. A completely forgettable villain. This is Black Cat, a complex (well, for bronze age Marvel woman, but that's another issue :/ ) character who would go on to be in every iteration of Spiderman for the next 35 years, with 4 stand alone series of her own, plus 3 multi-issue team titles. And this? This is Black Cat no, no sorry, this is Catwoman, a whole TEN YEARS after Black Cat first started stealing hearts. But somehow, SHE ends up being the original! Thanks, Frank Miller. And yes, TNA Catwoman is stupid.
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